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A Rose of a Different Color

There was certainly no shortage of drama around the league yesterday, especially out West where there’s a real old fashion wild west shootout taking place. In a must game for the Dodgers it was Casey Blake, returning to the lineup for the first time in 5 games, making a huge impact with his bat. Yup, Casey at the Bat : )

Blake’s 2-3 day included a HR and 2 RBI with a couple of runs scored. While it was big for LA against their arch rivals up North… it’s not what makes you Yesterday’s Hitter. Close though.

A couple of guys you don’t hear much about made some noise at the plate yesterday, Kurt Suzuki and Maicer Izturis. Suzuki had a real nice line going with his 3-5 3R and 3RBI day that helped the bottom dwelling A’s ruin the Twins opportunity to gain ground on those slumbering Tigers.

A completely different view for Maicer, whose Angels sit atop the West by a healthy 5 1/2 games with but 22 to play. Maicer’s 3-4 day included 2 Ribs and a couple of runs as the Angels also helped out the slumbering cats by knocking off Chicago 7-1. If you’re Detroit you have to consider sending a bottle of wine out West ; )

Let’s bring on the real contenders:

Aramis Ramirez. Now this guy can swing a bat. His power numbers are not what we would expect at this time of the year, but he’s sporting a healthy .315 average and you can’t cry about that. Yesterday it was more of the same from Aramis as he posted a 3-3 performance and then added 3 RBIs and a couple of runs to his line. Very nice… but, not quite gonna do it.

Here’s a guy I really like alot. He’s a class act and he’s one of only 3 hitters to have posted at least 20 HRS every single year since the year 2000. Pretty good stuff huh? 


His numbers Yesterday were more like we’ve come to expect from Lance Berkman. He’s had a bit of a down year which is certainly why Houston is far from in it in ’09. But, for the second day in a row we had a Vin Scully line – Lance was 2 for 2 with 2 RBIs and 2 Runs scored… and yes, he also had 2 walks. Vinny would be proud. But, not good enough Lance.

Now, here’s where we throw a wrench into this Yesterday’s Hitter thing. You see, there was this certain fellow that had himself a historic moment at the plate on one of the Nation’s brightest baseball stages. Yea… this guy:

Jeter passes Gehrig for Yankees hits record

Derek Jeter. What else can you say. He eclipsed the iconic Iron Horse with his 2,722 hit as a Yankee. Really good stuff huh? Yeh. Amazing feat for an amazing fellow. If only the Yanks hadn’t blown that 4-1 lead, Derek would probably be the guy. But.. he’s not.

It could go to Yorvit Torrealba who had himself a drama filled at-bat. One at-bat in fact. But it was the kind of at-bat that every kid who has ever dreamed of playing in the Major Leagues has had at least once…. 9th inning… 2 outs, your team is down by a run.. the bases are loaded.. 2 strikes on you.. .and oh, your team is locked in a knock down drag em out fight for the pennant.

Yorvit came through with flying colors smoking a rope into the left center gap and clearing the bases to give the Rockies a stunning victory and keep pace with LA in the West. Awesome stuff Yorvit! But.. believe it or not.. you’re not the guy. It’s this guy that takes the honors as Yesterday’s Hitter for 09/11 –

 Granted it was 09/11/85 .. but you can’t argue with the fact that this one eclipses all the others… This is really good stuff: At Riverfront Stadium in front of 47,237 hometown fans, Reds’ player-manager Pete Rose collected his 4,192nd career hit to pass Ty Cobb becoming the all-time major league hit leader with a first inning single to left field. Cincinnati beat San Diego, 2-0.


What a Rook…

A pretty dismal attempt at fame for Yesterday’s Hitters : )  Ah, ok.. a short slate makes it a littler slimmer pickings. No worries though, there were some nice performances at the plate so lets take a look at them.

First off, Kudos to the Rockies on their 7th straight win. The pressure is on Torre and the Dodgers to finish what they started. Although there were no numbers that jump at you, had you been watching the game you’d know that Jason Giambi… yup Jason is loose again… rocked a ball over the rook centerfielders head for a couple of big RBIs in what was a close game. Uh, Game Over. Rocks Win.


Howie Kendrick made a run at YH with his 3 for 3 performance…but, a little skimpy on the production there Howie. One run might do it, but not Yesterday. 

How about the line that Yuniesky Betancourt put up for the KC Royals: 2 for 2 with 2 Ribs, 2 Runs and 2 walks to Boot. It’s almost like the old Vin Scully line – “2 Balls, 2 Strikes, 2 on, 2 out, in a 2-2 tie! Oh my!”. Speaking of Oh My.. KC sweeps Detroit? Lucky for the Tigers that the Twinkies were cold bats (Mauer 0-4).

I really like Brian McCann.

He has a sweet swing and seems to have his eye probs behind him. He was a 4 for 5 performer yesterday with 2 Runs scored and 2 RBI. Sad to see that the Braves are likely out of a post season appearance this year. 8 games back with a couple dozen to play.. not good.

I almost tagged Nick Johnson for the YH winner. He had a pretty big day for the Marlins who are still fighting for that playoff birth. They’ve got a slim chance if they keep on this W streak. Nick was a solid 2 for 4 Yesterday. He rapped a big dinger and had 4 RBIs on the day. Very nice job Nick. But, sad to say.. .you’ve been topped by a Rook. Not just any Rook. But a Rook making his Major League Debut! Nationals Shortstop – Ian Desmond!

             Washington Nationals' Ian Desmond flies out to deep left, while ...

How about this entry into the Majors? Ian Desmond homered and drove in four runs in his major league debut and the Nationals won 8-7! You think this kid might have an impact in the Nations capitol? It would be nice to see something good happen there : ) Oh, back to Desmond. He has a very nice swing. He picked up his first ML hit in the 4th when he roped a liner to Right Center. But, what impressed me most was how he jumped (and I do me jump!) on a curve ball offering to park a 3 run Bomb into the left field bleachers. Don’t believe me on the jump? Take a look for yourself. Does this kid rotate or what? Click Here!