Dustin Off the Bats

Well, what have we here? A long time rivalry to kick off 2010… on Easter no less! But, sadly for Beckett and CC there were very few eggs on the board. As a matter of fact there were quite a few straight and crooked things alike looking back from the Green Monster.


fenway_14.jpgSpeaking of which… the Monster took a beating last night as well. Balls were bouncing off it like a Big Green Easter Bunny. Boing! Boing! Boing!

youkilis.jpgYoukilis had a regular hand ball game going all by himself. He was belting the ball all over Fenway and found himself in the middle of every comeback the Red Sox mustered. Kevin finished the day with 3 extra base hits, scored 3 times and knocked in 2 Ribs as well.

Two newcomers to the Sox also pitched in to the hit basket with Mike Cameron and Marco Scutaro each notching a couple of hits in their Fenway Park debut.

And the Yanks? Well, they tried everything from hitting the ball over the fence to peppering the fence but it really didn’t seem to matter. They couldn’t hold the leads (of which they had many) and watched as Chan Out of The Park cracked like a delicate egg on the mound.


chan ho.jpg

Kudos to Jorge Posada who was questionable prior to game time and came through with a superb day at the plate. He cracked a Home Run in his first plate appearance and added two more hits for a mini feast of  3 for 4 and 2 Ribs at the dish. 

Joining him with the long ball was Curtis Granderson who homered in his first at bat as a Yankee. Nice.. something to remember. Jeter was Jeter.. you know… two hits. Ho Hum.


jeter.jpgBut the man of the hour was Dustin Pedroia. He looked a bit rusty in the early innings, but once he knocked the dust off that bat of his… he produced in a big way. His hits were big hits at big times in the game. In the 7th with his team down by 2 he tied it with a rocket over the Monster. Then, when some insurance could really come in handy.. he delivered a key RBI to give them a 9-7 lead. The little man was big again and that might be just what the Doctor ordered for the 2010 Red Sox.


dustin hr.jpgCongratulations Dustin. You get the first YH of the season!

Game On! Welcome back baseball.. .we missed You!  



  1. irishsoxkid19

    Both Dustin and Youk did a great job last night at the plate. Though it looked as though NY was gonna win it, NEVER underestimate Boston’s power. Baseball’s back. Back again. Looking forward to tomorrow’s matchup!!

  2. Buz

    Thanks Jane and Holly.. well, it was kind of a no brainer. One game and one hero to choose from : ) Today should be a totally different ball of wax.


  3. Buz

    Emma, yup. it was certainly a pasting in Pitt. But, I like the signs of life from the Offense.. Russell swung pretty good and Matty. Kershaw should keep a little tighter lid on the Pirates lineup and maybe we’ll get to .500 : )

  4. devilabrit

    Welcome back Buz…. and what a game to pick a hitter from…. obviously Dustin did a good job for you on your return, I am sure he kept saying to himself… gotta hit good so I can get the pick from Buz…. 🙂

    Lots of hitting this season I sense….

    Phillies Outside

  5. Buz

    Caroline.. what’s wrong with boing boing on Easter : ) and Peter, I believe we will see some offensive firepower this year.. look at all the crooked numbers hung up today!

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