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Hideki ‘n Seek

capt_24606378a40d4be0bebc9fdfdcba002e_world_series_yankees_reax_nydg121.jpgWow! It’s all over folks. The 2009 baseball season is in the books and what a book it was! Naturally, I’m a little chagrined over the fact that we don’t get at least one more peek at baseball in a Game 7. But, after last night.. you just couldn’t top it anyway. So be it.

capt_ws27311050506_world_series_phillies_yankees_baseball_ws273.jpgHow about Hideki Matsui? I always refer to him as a Professional Hitter, because… well, that’s what he is. A DH. He hits, that’s it. Don’t take my word for it though:

“Matsui is one of my favorite players. He’s one of my favorite teammates. He comes ready to play every day. He’s a professional hitter.” – Derek Jeter

He was so good this World Series and yet, being the DH… he wasn’t in the forefront. He kind of played Peek-A-Boo with us. And he played Hide ‘n Seek with the ball!

668c3017a002a222b10f36273d808af9-getty-92343144cc043_philadelphia_.jpgHe was stellar during the first two games in NY. Then, as they whisked off to the NL park.. we only got to see him off the bench. One at bat in each game. Yet, all but one of those was productive.

Then came Game 6!


“My first and foremost goal when I joined the Yankees was to win the world championship,” Matsui said. “I’m just happy that after all these years we were able to win and reach the goal that I had come here for.”

The Yankees’ 27th World Championship came on the bat of Hideki Matsui, their hired gun. Hiting behind Alex Rodriguez, he served as the protector… and the executioner of bad pitches. His lifetime stats off of Pedro Martinez were no fluke numbers.

b162b1629d1a62d338d2396b384e9de9-getty-92343144cc049_philadelphia_.jpgHe hit Pedro as though he was “His Daddy” everytime he swung the bat.




Congratulations Mr. Hideki Matsui – 2009 World Series MVP – Yesterday’s Hitter!

I could go on and on about how fun it was to watch Hideki’s hectic swing… but alas, the season is over and we can only hope for Spring to get here quickly.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and bring your fandom to your team with some fervor in 2010.




All squared at one

My Boots.jpgAJ squared away the 2009 World Series with a magnificent pitching performance in Game 2. His control, command and concentration were evident from the first pitch. In fact, every first pitch all night long!

capt_ws19210300241_world_series_phillies_yankees_baseball_ws192.jpgPedro? Well, Pedro was pretty good too. I actually thought the Yanks would rough him up a little more than they did. He was wily. He was calm. Pedro’s experience showed with every batter and he made quite a few Yankees look a bit lame.

46b67791dd93f1cacbc1a9252d079eb3-getty-92343117mh188_philadelphia_.jpgBut, hey… enough about these pitchers. This is about hitters. Sure, pitching wins Championships as they say… but you can’t win if you don’t score runs and the pitchers don’t score runs ; )

So, since those darn pitchers were so glaringly good.. let’s talk about who is definitely not Yesterday’s Hitter.

How about Ryan O’Howard. Hmm… O fer 4 with…. 4 strikeouts. Definitely not YH material.
be699fb94b45d29175c6566f32d279ab-getty-92343117mh205_philadelphia_.jpg Let’s see…. Chase Ut-O? Nope. Not so good .. O fer 3.

Jayson Werth? Victorino? Naw.. .2 fer 8 between em… and one was a lil dribbler.

fedc9ddc6af1ca6fb9e72e9c7a8065ad-getty-92343117mh174_philadelphia_.jpgRaul Ibanez… not so bad. A couple of ringing doubles and scored the only run.

Matt Stairs… thankfully NY scored and erased the only productive hit on Philadelphia’s side of the ledger. If you hit that same ball to O’Rod 10 times.. he’d catch it 9. At least!

Did I say O’Rod? Well, if the shoe fits… now O fer 8 in the Series with… 6 Strikeouts! No YH for you bud.

96088847ab47c165017e35ea09d637d9-getty-92343117mh145_philadelphia_.jpgPre-game hype had a host of speculation on Jose Molina catching and possibly switching Posada to the DH. Let’s tip our hats to Girardi who made the right calls. Molina did a fabulous job of handling AJ… check.

Posada is NOT the DH (smart move) and enters to PH and assume the catching duties. Posada hits an RBI single.. Yes Joe, way to go. But, sorry no YH for Jorge.
capt_ws32110300253_world_series_phillies_yankees_baseball_ws321.jpgMark Teixeira. How could he not be? What an incredible moment and at bat for him in the 4th. After suffering through the wily ways of Pedro for what seemed like an eternity, the NY fans were even becoming disenchanted with their “who’s your daddy” chant.

4e942568b088f0f3dd16cfee4ab4eafb-getty-92343117mh162_philadelphia_.jpgThe place was like doomsville, until Mark hit that bomb to deep right center. What a swing Mark!

76efa9427388c4dc1911aa6792a2b5fb-getty-92343117mh104_philadelphia_.jpgBut.. sorry bud, no YH for you. You see, you can’t win if you don’t score more runs than the other guy. Mark? Well, he merely tied it. It was this guy that wielded the most potent bat of the night for New York.

c167f2918e6fef6d1e2a80beef23654e-getty-92343117mh152_philadelphia_.jpgGodzilla! He walked, he singled, he bothered the heck out of “your daddy” on every at bat. Until, finally Peter made a mistake. It wasn’t much of one. In fact, maybe Godzilla was the only hitter that could take that ball off his shoe tops and drive it out of Yankee stadium. Well, maybe one other guy.. and just maybe.. the ghost of The Babe was digging Godzilla : ) 

55110276bbfbf239d17fb41fe7bef8cd-getty-92343117mh146_philadelphia_.jpgFunny, watching the post game shows. We never saw Hideki interviewed. I imagine the language barrier had something to do with it. Or, possibly.. .Hideki was being mobbed by the Japanese media and never had a chance to breathe anywhere near a Fox camera.

Well, we’re giving you the kudos now Hideki.





Congratulations Hideki Matsui – You are Yesterday’s Hitter!  


Ichiro SuzukiLet’s get the ovation out of the way right off the get.. Ichiro Suzuki stands alone as the most consistent hitter in the history of the game. His day wasn’t great (1 hit in each game of a doubleheader), but those two hits gave him 200 on the season. That’s 9 straight! A MLB record that stood much taller than the man that held it – Willie Keeler – now belongs to Ichiro Suzuki. Congrats dude.. but.. you’re not Yesterdays Hitter!

Another little guy made noise at the plate yesterday as the Red Sox officially dispatched of the Rays in the ’09 season. Tumbling Tampa lost for the 11th Straight Game : (


dustin pedroia2.jpgDustin Pedroia crushed the hearts of Tampa in the 8th inning of Game 1 when he powered out a tie breaking 2 Run HR. For all intents and purposes, that was the end of the Rays.

Joe Mauer helped the Twins stay alive as they shut down the A’s 8-0. The folks in Minnesota are probably hoping they didn’t miss their opportunity when the Tigers were losing. Mauer’s 3-4 day included his 27th HR (a career high). Do we have another Albert Pujols here? Suddenly Mauer is producing power and average.  

In a must game for the Giants it was Juan Uribe putting up identical numbers to Joe Mauer. He also had a 3-4 day with an HR and 2 RBIs. The Giants avoided a sweep and kept their post season hopes alive. .a date with the Rockies looms larger now.


How about this guy? Since the birth of his son, Derrek Lee has been unstoppable. He had another solid day yesterday, going 3-4. Hey? Did everybody go 3 for 4 yesterday? What’s going on here?

Aha.. Here’s a 4 for 5 performer: Nate McLouth. Granted, there wasn’t much production out of the 4 hits (1 run, 1 RBI), but.. you can’t sneeze at a 4 hit day. That’s good stuff Nate. It tied a career high for him.. but that doesn’t give you the prize my man.

Yesterday’s Hitter is all about production. You can’t deny that this guy has been producing when it counts. Silly as it sounds, the Yankees needed this win… they needed it to avoid a sweep at the hands of the last place O’s… and they needed it because Boston was devouring the poor Rays over the weekend. Hideki Matsui to the rescue!

Hideki put up the big numbers yesterday with his 5 RBIs as the Bronx Bombers kept Boston at bay for the time being. Matsui restored order in the home by wrapping out a 3-5 day that included his 24th HR that put the game out of reach. The Yankees moved back to 40 games above the .500 mark with that win. Watch Hideki’s tater by clicking Here!

’09 Avg   HR   RBI   Runs
  .275    24    81    55