Keepin Up with the Jones’ – Part Deux

Garrett.jpgThe fairy tale continued for Garrett Jones in Pittsburgh. Garret crashed a 3 run dinger off of a Clayton Kershaw fastball in the first inning to propel the Bucs to an amazing 2-0 start on the season. Maybe more amazing is the fact that Garrett, of all the great Pirate players over the years, is the ONLY Buc to have ever started a season with 3 HRs in the first two games. That’s kinda crazy to believe.

cj.jpgSlide over to Atlanta and there’s another Jones making an impact. Chipper, perhaps looking to solidify his spot as the big rooster in the yard, crushed a go-ahead 2 run Bomb in the 8th to push the Braves to 2-0 on the season. The Braves won it late over the Cubs, 3-2. Who knocked in the other run for Atlanta? Yup. Jason Heyward. He ripped a double to give Atlanta the early lead, but it was Chipper (Jones’n for attention?) that wore the Hero hat for Atanta.

What’s going on in Boston? Curtis Granderson was Grand again for the pinstripers as he crushed a Papelbon offering in the 10th inning to push the Yankees over the BoSox. Curtis is the ONLY player to have more than one HR against POPelBOMB. Another amazing stat for ya ; )



Evan Longoria had a long ball yesterday to help the Rays squeak past the O’s again. The
ac.jpgOrioles are fighting but can’t seem to break the spell on the road.

Breaking spells is what they’re trying to do in Kansas City. Sick of the losing, the Royals are looking for magic to happen this year. Well, they got it yesterday. Looking to win a close one 1-0.. they blew it in the 9th when Miguel Cabrera cracked a game tying shot. Whoah is me… the Tigers took the lead in the 11th and the KC faithful were shaking their heads.. same ol’ KC. Not so fast my friend, Alberto Callaspo to the rescue. He hit a game tying HR in the bottom half to ignite the crowd and newcomer Rick Ankiel finished it off with a ringing double! I’m goin to Kansas City.. Kansas City here I come…

How about Ryan Howard and Placido Polanco… the new dynamic duo in Philly. In fact, the top four in the lineup accounted for 7 hits, 7 runs and 4 RBIs! Placido scored 3 times and Ryan knocked in 3 with a HR and a loud double. I’d say the Phightin’s are looking strong already in 2010.

top4.jpgDown in Arizona the D’Backs figured out that Kelly Johnson doesn’t like batting “down” in the
7558.jpgorder. They switched him to leadoff and he switched on the bat. O’fer as the 8th man in the first two games, Kelly crushed two HRs and went 3 for 3 in the top spot for Arizona and they put away the Padres 5-3. Kelly pushed his average up to .300 and I’ll bet he stays in the comfort of the leadoff role the rest of the year, something he was accustomed to as a Brave.

5602.jpgWhile we’re in the West, take a peek at who sits atop the NL at 3-0. For the first time in 7 years the Giants reeled off their first 3 W’s and have the perch for the time being. Aaron Rowand and Edar Renteria have yourselves a game. Aaron had four hits that included a triple. Edgar, well. .he was a perfect 6 for 6 in reaching first base. One was a walk.. five singles.. he played pepper with Houston pitching all night long. SF is enjoying the top spot in the West.  

What the heck are they putting in the water up in Oakland? Some kind of Walk Off juice? Two nights in a row the A’s got a walk off hit against Seattle. Can you believe they are sitting on top in the AL West? Last night’s Hero? Kurt Suzuki. He jacked a double in the 9th to score the winner and send the A’s hopeful home with a smile.

ks.jpgWell, the reason the A’s sit atop is because the Jays went to the Well against the Rangers and dropped em with a huge performance from Vernon Wells. Long forgotten as the power source for Toronto, Vernon put on a show in Texas. He had two Huge Home Runs, Scored 4 runs and knocked in 3 as the Jays pushed the Rangers down in the standings. With Adam Lind hitting in front of Vernon and gaining alot of respect from opposing pitchers, he is teeing off when they forget he bats in the four hole for a reason. His big numbers gave Toronto their first win and grabbed a YH award for himself. Congrats Vernon, you are Yesterday’s Hitter.




  1. Buz

    chuckle.. yup.. Virginia.. he’s a good lookin dude that can rip the lil ball. So Sad he has had to wait to prove himself to the world.

  2. Buz

    Hi Cat, I know.. nature of my blog.. kinda has little fodder to work with when no games are played : ( Our guys finally got a W yesterday huh?

  3. MC Stephenson

    Man Garret Jones tore the Dodgers apart to start the year but he is a ballplayer i have respect for him also how do put pictures on your site?

  4. Marc Smilow

    How can I contact you about an interview my 10 year old daughter did with Curtis Granderson that I am hoping to get posted on your Blog? Could you please send me your email address so I could send you the interview for your review.

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