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A Court Royale

royal-court.jpgSo the fireworks on Sunday certainly paled in comparison to that crazy Saturday eruption. Maybe it had something to do with the anticipation of Champagne bubbly erupting in a clubhouse or two. Whatever the reason we still saw some superlative hitting lines on Sunday. Funny though, they weren’t from the guys you might expect.

One thing that’s cool about acknowledging top performers is you tend to see some fellas keep
A Lind.jpgshowing up. Like one of my faves.. .Adam Lind. Yup, he was at it again. Only this time Adam wasn’t even in the lineup until the 8th inning when he came in as a PH. Oh well, same ol’ same ol’ .. he got a game tying single and the Blue Jays went on to win it. Ho Hum.

tracy.jpgAnd how about our buddy Chad Tracy, remember him? Before Friday he was 0 for 18.. then had that PH Grand Slam to jump off the snide. Well, he’s off it. Chad had a great day at the plate; 3-4 another Home Run for an RBI and scored twice. Way to go Chad You’re NOT Yesterday’s Hitter : ) But we love ya bud.

While we’re on the subject of Pinch Hitters, can you say En Fuego? As in Hotlanta? And Omar Infante? Atlanta is smoldering, they’ve won their last TEN road games and are chasing down Colorado! It’s reminiscent of ’07 except the tables are turned on the Rockies.. they’re not the Chaser… they’re the Chasee! Omar Infante Pinch Hit in the 10th inning of the Hotlanta Braves vs Nationals game and came through with a 2 RBI knock to lock up the win and keep Atlanta 2 1/2 back! Cool stuff. 
kendry.jpgHas anybody noticed that the Angels have stumbled over the last week or so? If not for Kendry Morales (what a hitter) the Angels would have gone a full week without a victory. Kendry wasn’t going to let that happen and the Angels are on the verge of their 5th AL West title in the last 6 years! Morales was 3 for 3 and knocked in 3 while scoring twice on Sunday. He now has 32 HRs and 102 RBIs! Plus he’s carrying a .303 average! A Cuban Stud.

On the other end of the AL spectrum are those Cleveland
kelly.jpgIndians. While not the best of seasons, they’re desperately trying to stay out of the cellar in the Central. They’ve got a 1/2 game lead on the Royals! Keeping them there was the hot hitting of Kelly Shoppach and Asdrubal Cabrera. Believe it or not, the Tribe is on a 3 game winning streak! Shoppach hit a massive bomb in his 2-4 3 RBI day and light hitting ShortStop Cabrera hit his 41st double in a 4-5 day that netted 3 RBIs. Can they hold off the Royals? The drama builds.

From the bottom to the top.The Tigers and Twins are scuffling each other for the top spot in the Central. The Tigers have got the Twins right where they want them… coming into their Den for a 4 game spot starting today! Carlos Quentin ruined any chance for the Tigers to hold a 3 game lead going into today’s series. Quentin crushed the Cats with a Home Run and 4 RBIs as he put up a 2 for 4 day. Carlos is a far cry from the fellow we saw last year that nearly grabbed the MVP… had he not been stupid enough to hit his own bat and break something.. and it wasn’t the bat. Dork.

quent.jpgWhich brings us to a guy that also ruined a chance for someone to gain. The Twins could have pulled within ONE game of Detroit if they could only knock off those cellar dwellar Royals. But no. The King of the Court… Yuniesky Betancourt over ruled that possibility. He was Judge, Jury and Executioner in defending the field in Kansas City. Yuniesky (cool name) went 3 for 3, launched a long ball, scored twice and had 3 RBIs in the Royals no doubter 4-1 win over the punchless Twins. I’m sure the Twins were looking forward to a tussle with the Tigers. Well, they got it.. .starting today. Tune in to watch some really good hitters in this one.

Congratulations Yuniesky Betancourt. You are Yesterday’s Hitter!

yuni.jpg’09 Stats

Avg HR RBI Runs
.246   6 48 39



What a Rook…

A pretty dismal attempt at fame for Yesterday’s Hitters : )  Ah, ok.. a short slate makes it a littler slimmer pickings. No worries though, there were some nice performances at the plate so lets take a look at them.

First off, Kudos to the Rockies on their 7th straight win. The pressure is on Torre and the Dodgers to finish what they started. Although there were no numbers that jump at you, had you been watching the game you’d know that Jason Giambi… yup Jason is loose again… rocked a ball over the rook centerfielders head for a couple of big RBIs in what was a close game. Uh, Game Over. Rocks Win.


Howie Kendrick made a run at YH with his 3 for 3 performance…but, a little skimpy on the production there Howie. One run might do it, but not Yesterday. 

How about the line that Yuniesky Betancourt put up for the KC Royals: 2 for 2 with 2 Ribs, 2 Runs and 2 walks to Boot. It’s almost like the old Vin Scully line – “2 Balls, 2 Strikes, 2 on, 2 out, in a 2-2 tie! Oh my!”. Speaking of Oh My.. KC sweeps Detroit? Lucky for the Tigers that the Twinkies were cold bats (Mauer 0-4).

I really like Brian McCann.

He has a sweet swing and seems to have his eye probs behind him. He was a 4 for 5 performer yesterday with 2 Runs scored and 2 RBI. Sad to see that the Braves are likely out of a post season appearance this year. 8 games back with a couple dozen to play.. not good.

I almost tagged Nick Johnson for the YH winner. He had a pretty big day for the Marlins who are still fighting for that playoff birth. They’ve got a slim chance if they keep on this W streak. Nick was a solid 2 for 4 Yesterday. He rapped a big dinger and had 4 RBIs on the day. Very nice job Nick. But, sad to say.. .you’ve been topped by a Rook. Not just any Rook. But a Rook making his Major League Debut! Nationals Shortstop – Ian Desmond!

             Washington Nationals' Ian Desmond flies out to deep left, while ...

How about this entry into the Majors? Ian Desmond homered and drove in four runs in his major league debut and the Nationals won 8-7! You think this kid might have an impact in the Nations capitol? It would be nice to see something good happen there : ) Oh, back to Desmond. He has a very nice swing. He picked up his first ML hit in the 4th when he roped a liner to Right Center. But, what impressed me most was how he jumped (and I do me jump!) on a curve ball offering to park a 3 run Bomb into the left field bleachers. Don’t believe me on the jump? Take a look for yourself. Does this kid rotate or what? Click Here!