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Ichiro SuzukiLet’s get the ovation out of the way right off the get.. Ichiro Suzuki stands alone as the most consistent hitter in the history of the game. His day wasn’t great (1 hit in each game of a doubleheader), but those two hits gave him 200 on the season. That’s 9 straight! A MLB record that stood much taller than the man that held it – Willie Keeler – now belongs to Ichiro Suzuki. Congrats dude.. but.. you’re not Yesterdays Hitter!

Another little guy made noise at the plate yesterday as the Red Sox officially dispatched of the Rays in the ’09 season. Tumbling Tampa lost for the 11th Straight Game : (


dustin pedroia2.jpgDustin Pedroia crushed the hearts of Tampa in the 8th inning of Game 1 when he powered out a tie breaking 2 Run HR. For all intents and purposes, that was the end of the Rays.

Joe Mauer helped the Twins stay alive as they shut down the A’s 8-0. The folks in Minnesota are probably hoping they didn’t miss their opportunity when the Tigers were losing. Mauer’s 3-4 day included his 27th HR (a career high). Do we have another Albert Pujols here? Suddenly Mauer is producing power and average.  

In a must game for the Giants it was Juan Uribe putting up identical numbers to Joe Mauer. He also had a 3-4 day with an HR and 2 RBIs. The Giants avoided a sweep and kept their post season hopes alive. .a date with the Rockies looms larger now.


How about this guy? Since the birth of his son, Derrek Lee has been unstoppable. He had another solid day yesterday, going 3-4. Hey? Did everybody go 3 for 4 yesterday? What’s going on here?

Aha.. Here’s a 4 for 5 performer: Nate McLouth. Granted, there wasn’t much production out of the 4 hits (1 run, 1 RBI), but.. you can’t sneeze at a 4 hit day. That’s good stuff Nate. It tied a career high for him.. but that doesn’t give you the prize my man.

Yesterday’s Hitter is all about production. You can’t deny that this guy has been producing when it counts. Silly as it sounds, the Yankees needed this win… they needed it to avoid a sweep at the hands of the last place O’s… and they needed it because Boston was devouring the poor Rays over the weekend. Hideki Matsui to the rescue!

Hideki put up the big numbers yesterday with his 5 RBIs as the Bronx Bombers kept Boston at bay for the time being. Matsui restored order in the home by wrapping out a 3-5 day that included his 24th HR that put the game out of reach. The Yankees moved back to 40 games above the .500 mark with that win. Watch Hideki’s tater by clicking Here!

’09 Avg   HR   RBI   Runs
  .275    24    81    55

Byrd Man of Arlington!

I was really wondering who the right guy would be for today. Was it Nick Swisher (2-3, 2RBI) who homered from both sides of the plate and hit the Walk Off sneaker into the right field bleachers?



Nawww.. He got a pie in the eye.


Or, maybe Chase Headley (3-4, 2 RBI) who damaged the Giants with a big HR and a late inning go ahead single?


San Diego Padres' Chase Headley, right, celebrates with Nick Hundley, center, and Will Venable after beating the San Francisco Giants in a baseball game in San Francisco, Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009. The Padres won, 4-3.


Nope, couldn’t quite pull the trigger on that one.


How about Raul Ibanez (3-4, 2RBI) or Matt Holliday (2-4, 2RBI) and hit a big HR in the 9th?


Nawww… Oh, I know! Let’s go with Dustin Pedroia. Dustin was Dusted back with a pitch:



Then got off the deck and belted 2 big HRS in a Red Sox romp.


Pretty meaningful because they were trying to stay in front of the hard charging Rangers in the Wild Card.


Which brings us to THE choice!


Marlon Byrd! (7-9, 3RBI)


The Texas Rangers kept blowing chances to inch up the Wild Card standings while in Baltimore. It turns out that Cleveland was the place to rock! The Rangers won a slugfest in Game 1 and then double dipped in Game 2 to close in the AL Wild Card race. Marlon Byrd was awesome. He was a perfect 4 for 4 in Game 1 and tallied three more hits in the nightcap for a big day at the dish. Watch his game Here!