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Oh so Right!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Wow. Unlike the other day when there were such slim pickings to choose from around the league, Yesterday was a big day for hitters. Ribs were abundant and everybody was feasting at the plate!

uh, well.. .except the Tigers who seem to have lost their hunger.

Fortunately for them, losing 5 straight hasn’t quite cost them as much as it should. The Twins and Sox have each squandered a great opportunity to catch the Tigers by the tail. Even one win more by each would have had a huge impact. One game! Not to be.

Not that Scott Podsednik didn’t try though. He hit Chicago’s first inside the park HR in 7 years to try and jump start the Pale Hose. His 2 for 5 day also included scoring the winning run in the 10th inning. Not bad Scott. But.. Wild Pitch… eh.. ya know?

Then we have a name we haven’t heard from in a while. Although, something tells me we’ll be seeing a heckuva lot more of him in the very near future.

Ichiro! The whirling dirvish at the plate. Does anybody remember the Tasmanian Devil cartoon?                                 That’s Ichiro at the plate.. .he screws himself in 9 different directions. ; ) (Well, actually only 2 – Load… Unload!)  But, no argument from me. He gets the job done. Yesterday he cracked a Home Run and a double. He is now only 2 hits shy of breaking the consecutive 200 hit season mark he holds with Wee Willie Keeler. Now, this guy was a hitter:


It shouldn’t surprise you to see Willie bunting. If you ever have the time …. check out his lifetime strikeout marks.. you’ll be astounded. (Click Here to Check that ; ) But, hey.. back to the present. Who are the contenders?

Jorge Cantu had himself a super marvelous day at the plate and a pretty huge portion of those tasty ribs we said were so plentiful. Cantu Cracked a HR and rapped in 5 RBIs while scoring twice. With the Phillies losing, Cantu’s exploits take on more importance as the Marlins gained some precious ground in the NL East. But.. no Cantu for Yesterday’s Hitter ; )

How about the day that these two Brian’s had?   Brian Roberts single handedly put a dampening on the Yanks with a power surge at the plate, knocking in 4 RBIs with one swing of the bat  Grand Slam!.. a Grand Salami was Brian’s choice of fare. He had a 3 for 4 day and set a Baltimore franchise record with his 51st Double!! Awesome.

Brian McCann didn’t rub his belly to the same extent, but his Ribs were really big ones! His 2 RBI double in the top of the 9th inning put a much needed W on the board for Atlanta. The Braves are doing everything in their power to stay in this thing. It’s their 3rd W in a row. Come on Chipper!! Be a YH!

This guy.. he was the bomb yesterday.. .in fact.. 2 bombs!

Casey McGehee had a LOT of those ribs. : ) He had 6 of them! His 4 for 5 day included 2 Massive HRs and those 6 RBIs led the Brew Crew to a pasting of the cellar dwelling D-Backs. Casey Loves the desert.. his last two games have netted 7 for 9 at the plate. Heat him up! Super job Casey.. but, say hello to a guy that’s really been off the radar lately. Welcome back Mr. Wright!


David Wright tossed the dork cap (my apologies to the manufacturer. But.. you’ll get it Wright – listen to the player feedback… crucial!) and went back to work at the plate. He ALSO had a huge portion of those Ribbies… 6 of them on David’s plate as well. David also had 2 HR’s. The difference you ask? Well, one of David’s HR’s was a game winner. He hit a 2 out 2 run shot in the 9th inning to secure a win for the Mets. Sure, the Mets aren’t going anywhere very soon. But, it is nice to see that their Captain is back in the drivers seat. Congrats David! Watch his huge day by clicking Here!

09 Avg   HR   RBI   Runs
    .318   10   66   85

Jorge Posada – Yankees

Can you imagine being the opposing pitcher and facing the Bronx Bombers? I mean, these guys really are the Bronx BOMBERS! They are so incredibly good it boggles the mind. They have been setting MLB marks all year long and are on pace to add even more by year’s end. Jorge Posada helped push them in that direction with his 20th HR of the season (1 of 7 Yankees this year) during a sparkling 4 for 5 performance that netted 4 RBIs on the night. His 20th HR set a Yankee team record putting 7 men in the lineup with at least 20! Derek Jeter should make it 8 if he continues his hot hitting. Think about that for a second. Think of all the History, all the incredible Legends that have donned the pinstripes, all the incredible teams that have logged the most World Series titles. It really boggles the mind. Enjoy watching this team because THEY are now Historic and have their place in Yankee lore. Watch Posada’s history making rocket by clicking Here.

Honorable mention; David Wright, Ronnie Belliard