The Game of Life

Just popping in to say Hi to my friends. I received this poem in my email yesterday and was pretty certain it would be appreciated here.


The Game of Life
by Swen Nater

The Little League game was about to begin,
On a perfectly, wonderful day.
One team sprinted out,
With a spirited shout,
For the boys were excited to play. 

As their coach saw the field, with his players in place,
A vision took over his sight.
Each Little League lad
Grew the age of a dad,
Complete with the beard and the height.

His pitcher, an artist, poised to create
On a canvas awaiting and bare.
His stroke on the ball
Made it spin and then fall
When it curved and it carved through the air. 

His catcher, a general, positioned in place,
Was leading the rest of the pack.
On his signal and sign,
They joined to combine,
With a quick and successful attack.

His shortstop, a surgeon, whose quickness and skill,
When it seemed like death cast the fate,
On the double, he caught,
What the grave almost got,
And threw lifelessness out at the plate. 

His outfield consisted of no lesser men:
Three statesmen with not one reproach.
On third was a preacher,
And on second, a teacher,
On first was a Little League coach. 

As the vision grew fainter, he sobered and thought.
The epiphany cut like a knife.
Baseball was more
Than a game and a score;
He was coaching the game of life.   

Although this poem relates to the game we all love, baseball… Swen was actually a member of the UCLA team coached by John Wooden!  Kinda cool, huh?

I’ll be back soon, just wrapping up a few loose writings.


  1. redstatebluestate

    Very cool indeed, Buz! Thanks for sharing with us…..and I very much look forward to what writings you have in store for us!
    http: //
    http: //

  2. mattpeas

    It is amazing the impact John Wooden has had on the world of not just basketball, but inspiration in all aspects of life. I wasn’t really here to remember his coaching legacy but reading his book and following his 12 steps have really made an impact in my life. His former players, like this one are probably doing great things in the real world

  3. Buz

    Cat.. we’re getting close to me back on MLB. I had to finish up some screenplays.. Get them submitted and wait for feedback. That has been accomplished and I’m so ready for baseball. Thank you so much for continuing to check on my blog. How about the McGuire interview? some crazy things happening;. but.. our Dodgers have been very quiet…. ; )

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