Cut to the Chase

Info_CutToTheChase.jpgI had all these wonderfully creative titles for today’s post. I’m sure you’ve seen variations of them from around or throughout the internet. Usually, I’ll create a headline to be somewhat deceptive in who is ultimately named Yesterday’s Hitter. The trouble is everybody on the planet already knows who the best hitter was last night.

So, let’s just cut to the chase.

capt_ws19611030346_world_series_yankees_phillies_baseball_ws196.jpgBut, before we hand out the hardware… there were certainly some worthy candidates in Game 5 I’d like to acknowledge.

Let’s start with the Philadelphia terror.

capt_ws16911030207_world_series_yankees_phillies_baseball_ws169.jpgYes, he was at it again last night (even broken bats didn’t slow him down). Johnny Damon is just giving the Phillies Phits in every at bat. He worked his way on again in the 1st inning when he battled Cliff Lee for a single. He later scored on Alex Rodriguez’ double to give NY a quick 1-0 lead.

59ec02425cf020c15e4bdfb261f04895-getty-92198041cc062_new_york_yank.jpgJohnny would go on to have another stellar day at the plate, getting on base 4 times. He had 3 hits, scored twice, knocked in a run and walked. Johnny now has the highest batting average (.381) of all the regular players in this year’s World Series.

Did I mention Alex Rodriguez? Yea, the same guy that started out 0 for 8 with 6 K’s is coming alive at the plate. He had two doubles last night (one that just eluded a diving Ibanez) and knocked in 3 RBIs.

capt_ws42211030301_world_series_yankees_phillies_baseball_ws422.jpgAfter that O’fer start, Alex has raised his average to just above the Mendoza line at .222, not too shabby A-Rod. His 3 Ribs gave him a NY Yankee Post Season record of 18!

Jimmy Rollins started the Philly comeback in the 1st with an aggressive at bat. He swung at AJ’s first pitch (remember this? AJ was a 1st strike king in Game 2). Even though he missed it.. it proved to be a game plan for Philly. Rollins singled to start the rally. He ended up with 2 hits and a walk, scoring once.

Raul Ibanez had a nice Game 5. He knocked in 2 runs with 2 hits and had a very important Home Run late in the game. His 7th inning blast proved to be just the cushion the Phils needed to secure the Game 5 win.

capt_ws18211030303_world_series_yankees_phillies_baseball_ws182.jpgJayson Werth is just knocking the dog snot out of the baseball. He hits everything hard. Sure, he only had one hit in Game 5. But, he crushed the ball all over Citizens Bank park in nearly every at bat. Brett Gardner can testify to how hard Jayson is hitting the ball.

capt_ws17011030210_world_series_yankees_phillies_baseball_ws170.jpgGardner made a spectacular catch on a Jayson Werth drive to left center. Jayson is hitting just under .300 for the Series.

r2653496169.jpgPoor Ryan Howard, he went from the penthouse in the NLCS to the doghouse in the WS. Howard struck out two more times last night to tie Willie Wilson for the most in a World Series, 12.

capt_ws16111030138_world_series_yankees_phillies_baseball_ws161.jpgIf I were Charlie Manuel, I’d certainly consider flip flopping Howard and Ibanez in the order. It couldn’t hurt, could it? I’m betting on Howard to hold the K record all by himself before Game 6 is over.

Speaking of Game 6.. .how lucky are we? It’s been 6 years since the World Series has gotten to this point. I know I’m happy.. but my bet is Jane is a little tweaked right about now ; ) 

And now, without further ado… our Yesterday’s Hitter!

69d604ee78e1b4ae15967b5af37c183a-getty-92198108cc101_new_york_yank.jpgI said it in Game 1. Chase is so calm, so focused and …. so good! He has continued to deliver throughout the Series. His 1st inning HR immediately jump started the Phillies and the crowd and propelled them to a Game 5 win. Oh, and did I mention… that HR came off of the very 1st Pitch he saw from AJ Burnett! Think he doesn’t study the game? You don’t get this good without having a plan. The difference is Chase not only has a plan, he is so “on” right now that he can execute it flawlessly.

921f9d96b6ccd9878650677b44b00652-getty-92198108cc109_new_york_yank.jpgChase hit another HR (tying Reggie Jackson for most in a WS!) in the 7th that seemed to be just a tack on run. That HR proved to be the Game Winning run! Why? Because those Yankees never stop. They kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny.

In fact, they brought the tying run to the plate in the 9th inning with nobody out and Derek Jeter at bat! I’d have to say that of all the at bats in Derek Jeter’s career, he wishes he could have a do-over on that one. A Presidential Mulligan.

capt_ws17811030254_world_series_yankees_phillies_baseball_ws178.jpgA hit in that situation could have possibly snatched the game away and given the Yankees their 27th title.

And speaking of the 27th… has anybody noticed what number Chase Utley wears? Ya… 26. Do you think he’s trying to tell us something? ; )






Congratulations Chase Utley – You are Yesterday’s Hitter!  



  1. Jane Heller

    Yeah, I was tweaked all right. LOL. My favorite line in this post is: “Jayson Werth is knocking the dog snot out of the baseball.” How’d you come up with that one, Buz! Utley is on fire, and the Yankees need to walk him every time he comes to the plate. Too dangerous right now!

  2. xcicix

    Although Gardner’s catch was timely, it was actually a horrible catch. The ball should not have stayed in his glove and his pure speed was the only reason he got there in time. He did exactly what you’re not supposed to do: run with your glove outstretched (it makes you slower), catch it with your palm up, and once you have the ball not cover it with your other hand. But the fact that he should not have made it is what makes it great, I guess.
    In any case, great entry. I have not heard that pun yet today.

  3. Buz

    Jane, chuckle.. it’s a bit of an insider quote from the benches ; )

    Caroline, I agree.. I was going to call it a Charlie Brown catch… but it was just too important to demean it.

    Jeff – notice how Jane glossed over that comment? : )

  4. raysrenegade

    Chase has a chance to become the first “Mr. November”, if he continues his dominance tomorrow night.
    I just think it was amazing that he has hit HRs in his first at bats of the last 2 World Series.
    That stat by itself blows my mind at times.
    But this is the time of the season that adds to your Hall of Fame numbers, because people remember the walk-off hits and the multi-hit games and RBI all the way to February.

    Rays Renegade

  5. devilabrit

    I have to say hadn’t heard that slogan, but I like Janes idea…walk him all the time, last time a team did that Howard came out of his slump and couldn’t stop hitting…

  6. ny26xchamp

    You could also say that if Jeter/Damon stay hot and Tex remembers how to hit then Game 7 won’t be a guarantee lol.

    I think the Yankees win tonight 🙂

  7. Jonah

    Even if the Yankees do win (sigh) tonight, I think Utley should get some real consideration for Series MVP. But if Rivera gets another inning-plus save, the voters may be inclined to lean towards the winning side.

    – Jonah (

  8. Buz

    Cat, Matt, Julia and Ray – I for one hope that we see a Game 7 and that Chase is the reason why. It will just make for such fabulous drama. Isn’t that why we watch?

    Peter – I agree. You have to walk the guy and face the music with Howard. Unless, Charlie listens to me : ) and flips Ibanez into Howard’s spot!

    NY26… touche’

    Jonah – My bet is that if the Yankees win, it goes to Damon. Unless he tanks from here on in.

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