Johnny Be Good

mlb.jpgWell, it’s finally here… the 2009 World Series will feature two powerhouse teams. For the 40th time the AL will be represented by the New York Yankees. They will have their hands full in trying to beat the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies for their 27th World Series Title.

These two played for the title in 1950.

capt_6691e631a1c746edbb5ed283acc6f1f0_world_series_1950_phillies_yankees_ny158.jpgOddly enough, it was the Yankees as the defending Champions in that matchup. The Yankees swept Philadelphia in 4 games.

In Game 6 of the ALCS last night it appeared the Angels just might postpone that reunion. They had a strong outing from Joe Saunders and took a 1-0 lead in the 3rd inning on a Bobby Abreu single to right.

bd0e83cd4ce15d9e48a30d30c356a106-getty-.jpgThat was about all she wrote for the Halos. The Yankees had yet to lose in their new digs this Post Season and last night was no exception.

The main players in the NY lineup came out to play. Jeter was on base 3 times (all walks), Tex had 2 hits, A-Rod had 2 hits and was on base another 3 times with a free pass. It was a walk in the park for Alex all night long.

2790870889_c6d66f50b1.jpgBut, the damage was inflicted by the #2 hole, Johnny Damon. His 4th inning at bat with the bases loaded proved to be the key that unlocked the door to the World Series. Damon drove in 2 runs with his patented one handed swat.

68631cd3c0409b72b36b5f6e9a13b3e1-getty-.jpgThe all time Post Season leader in wins took the reins and led the Yankees to the ALCS Championship.

e6d538150898fc265633c559629529e5-getty-.jpgThe Angels again floundered in the field, committing one gaffe after another. Poor base running, inability to throw a ball 50ft, unable to catch a soft toss.. and on and on and on.  

It appears the New Yankee Stadium has the same magic as the old one and visiting teams feel the mystique.

yankee-stadium.jpgNow, it’s time to see if that magic can hold back the Phillies.

As for last night’s YH? You certainly could argue that Alex Rodriguez had a fabulous day at the plate. He had two hits and walked 3 times as the Angels had suffered enough punishment from his Louisville Slugger.

But, it all comes down to producing runs and nobody did a better job at that than Johnny Damon.




Congrats Johnny – You are Yesterday’s Hitter!



  1. devilabrit

    Johnny Damon 4th inning hit with bases loaded, wasn’t that like his second try with the bases loaded, didn’t he have the samething in the 2nd inning…I guess sooner or later even he has to hit with RISP…With the new Yankee stadium and CBP in play during the World Series it may be a hard choice to find the YH in coming days….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. Elizabeth D

    Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, how he breaks my heart. But nice insight on the previous matchup in the World Series between these two. Didn’t realize that the Yankees were the defending champs that time. Very coincidental. I thought it would have been a cool matchup between the Dodgers and Yankees as a rematch of the 1955 World Series–when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.

  3. crzblue2

    Congratulations to Johnny
    I could not believe the errros by the Angels in these whole series. They just sure played sloppy but got to give credit to the Yankees.
    I think you will have plenty of candidates for YH in this series. Let the games begin!

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