Meant to be…

Lou Gehrig.jpgRecords are funny things. They can stand for what seems to be an eternity, but the moment they are tied or eclipsed it’s as though they are awakened. 

capt_alcs13410210245_alcs_yankees_alx.jpgOne day after seeing Ryan Howard tie Lou Gehrig’s incredible statistic of knocking in an RBI in 8 consecutive Post Season games… Alex Rodriguez decided to join the party.

81bb94206d20e6e789009694df6c5127-getty-91788303nm082_ccal.jpgIt was the CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez show in Los Angeles yesterday. CC was lights out on the mound and Alex was lights out in the box.

1d54880c3e05c319e0542df041ff6838-getty-91788303nm081_melky.jpgNow, don’t get me wrong. . It’s not as though I didn’t see and recognize the awesome game that Melky Cabrera put together. He was awesome knocking in 4 RBIs on the day. He just didn’t control the game in the manner that A-Rod did.

d19d05f61f45b3ac7806a355be32d6c0-getty-91788303nm084_ump Tim McClelland.jpgAnd let’s not even get into the discussion on Horriblue! If you watched the game you had to be completely disgusted with the quality of the “umpiring”. Horrible. Repeatedly Horrible.

0afdff0717d3c607d0d1e3050be47b75-getty-91788303nm054_alrun.jpgAlex walked. He stole a base. He singled. He scored on a ground ball in the infield.

capt_alcs13010210225_alcs_yankees_alxhr.jpgHe homered.

b13b7fd3990f13179471579a1aab4ea3-getty-91788303nm113_alex 2b.jpgHe doubled.

2928a337aa7abc15d7e0b1e0672a272a-getty-91788303nm052_new_york_alx.jpgHe moved up on a sacrifice fly and caused an errant throw to score another run. He was a cheer leader in the dugout. He was everywhere. He was doing everything.

In the midst of the domination by CC, the Yankees plowed through the Angels uncontested and pushed their way to 3-1 series lead.

capt_alcs14610210359_alcs_yankees_angels_baseball_alcs146.jpgIt’s looking more and more like the two best teams in baseball are the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. If baseball’s World Series is meant to showcase the two best teams, then it looks like we are going to get what is meant to be.




Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez – Yesterday’s Hitter!



  1. Buz

    Thank You Jane. It’s the nature of the game and the Dodgers were simply no match for the Phillies, nor would they be much of a match for the Yankees. It will be a very good WS though!

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