The Thunder Rolls

449940e916653f930c03ec30df9d9042-getty-91847792tl018_werth.jpg…. and the Lightning strikes! It was over even before it began. In a shower of hits and a flurry of runs, Game 3 was over before the fans had their hot dogs, or  their seats.

5b96782392e4e965102e6fe9ab9579e6-getty-91847792tl058_hiroki.jpgThe Phillies pummeled Hiroki Kuroda in the first and second innings enroute to a decisive romp at Citizens Bank park. The onslaught was so quick and powerful that Kuroda bowed out
capt_nlcs15310190306_aptopix_nlcs_dodgers_phillies_clee.jpgbefore retiring 6 batters. He was hammered. Even the balls that were eventually caught were lambasted.

With all the pre-game discussion about the cold weather having an impact on the hitting, I can only say those prognasticators were … half-right. Cliff Lee was astounding again. He could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted all night long. And while he was tossing up zeros. . . The thunder rolled.

Up by a 6-0 margin by the end of the second it was just a matter of piling on for the Phillies. Their lineup is solid from the top to the bottom. They had doubles by Jimmy Rollins and Dodger killer Carlos Ruiz. Triples by Howard and Pedro Feliz and Home Runs by Jayson Werth and Shane Victorino. Big Thunder.

9f2dc318c8a4c2864ea5eaa732c1def8-getty-91847792tl057_rollins.jpgMuch like the Yankees, there are simply no holes to find outs with. Not even Cliff Lee himself is an easy out. He hit the ball hard all night long and ended up with a single and a run scored.

With that incredibly lopsided final score of 11-0 you might expect to find one guy that just raked out the hits and RBIs. But, true to the Phillies team makeup… the thunder was rolling through the entire lineup. It started at the top.

e1886d4848ccc3bc049452bd62606ee1-getty-91847792tl021_ryan.jpgAfter a Rollins fly out, Shane Victorino singled and stole second. Utley followed with a single of his own before the big thunder came to the plate. Ryan Howard’s line drive into the right field corner was the lightning strike the Phillies needed. He chugged his way around the basepaths and his head first slide into third ignited the crowd. Two runs were in.

Moments later the Thunder boomed off of Jayson Werth’s bat. A deep laser like shot that landed well into the batter’s eye in center field. 4 runs were in.

44f2525e3d572e67ddf858f665080eb6-getty-91847792tl102_beatla.jpgThe game was basically over at that point. The thunderous roar of Beat LA reverberated throughout the stadium.

Ryan Howard’s triple and 2 RBIs set a Major League Record for consecutve post season games with a Run Batted In – 7. My bet is he’ll add to that. Ryan is seeing it and hitting it like the former hit king that proceeded him in Philadelphia – Pete Rose.

But, the nod for YH has to go to the spark that created all of that thunder and lightning… Shane Victorino. He singled in the first, stole second and just created havoc on the basepaths all night long. He had two walks and a punishing finishing touch 3 Run Home Run in the eighth.

bdc8c48faf2a457b609403646c855945-getty-91847792tl131_svic.jpgSometimes it’s the spark that causes all the damage.



Congratulations Shane Victorino – You are Yesterday’s Hitter!




  1. Buz

    I know Jane. I thought about Ryan Howard for the whole game.. but, it was just an onslaught and Victorino just never stopped. Little terror that he is. My pic is a revolving door.. ; )

  2. Buz

    I know Emma. That was a painful game to watch. I kept looking for something positive… nada : (

    Jeff – He was sic.. .again. Yea, I thought the Beat LA thing was a trip. Used to hear it in the Boston Garden alot too vs. the Lakers. .. but, baseball has basically been SF only.

    Babu – No lie bud. Up and down the lineup it went.

  3. devilabrit

    Buz – as hard as that was for the Dodger fans it was as pleasing to me… tonight however will be different, I think, with Randy Wolf on the mound, he is one of my personal favorites, I saw his first game and most everyone he pitched in Philly and I’ve tried to watch those after he left Philly too…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

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