Ethereal: of or relating to the regions beyond the earth;  celestial, heavenly; unworldly, spiritual!

I’m not quite sure what Billy Beane was thinking when he was considering trading Andre
mb.jpgEthier. Isn’t this the guy that is/was considered the smartest baseball man on the planet? Hmmm. Either Ethier or.. Ether. Ethier … or Ether? Hmmmm…

Ether: akin to aíthein to glow, burn, ignite

For some reason Billy Ball had Milton Bradley on his wish list. He chose and got Ether for Ethier. Heaven knows why? He and the Oakland A’s then received their explosive property while the Dodgers’ Ned Colleti received a little piece of heaven itself and a very important piece in their team puzzle.

Ned Colletti’s first trade as general manager of the Dodgers was for a minor league outfielder he’d never seen in person. Colletti had concluded it would no longer work with Milton Bradley in Los Angeles, so 27 days after leaving the Giants’ assistant GM chair to run the Dodgers (huh? talk about ironic) he packaged Bradley and Antonio Perez to the A’s for Andre Ethier.

aecard.jpgIn 2005 with the
Midland RockHounds Double-A team, Ethier hit .319 with 18 homers and was selected as the Texas League Most Valuable Player, Oakland Athletics Minor League Player of the Year, Texas League All-Star Outfielder and Texas League All-Star Game MVP.

 What on earth was Billy Beane thinking?

Andre has been a Godsend to the LA Dodgers, especially this season where he has truly blossomed as one of the great talents in the National League. Not only is he gifted beyond belief, he has Hollywood good looks and performs under the brightest of spot lights.
aehollywood.jpgWitness his 6 Walk Off hits this season, the most in the Major Leagues.

Yesterday, the Dodgers received a surrealistic pitching
vp2.jpgperformance by Vicente Padilla. His 1st inning jam put a scare in LA and heightened the expectations of the St. Louis crowd. But, a bluff was all the Cards could muster as Vicente escaped. From that moment on he ran the table and closed the door (and the season) on the Cardinals. Ethier and the
Dodgers pulled off an unexpected sweep… The first time St. Louis has ever been swept in the NLDS or NLCS… ever (sorry Jeff ; ) and only the 3rd time in Post Season history.

The Dodgers had already put pressure on the Cards before they even had a chance to bat. LA portrayed a mini two headed monster of their own, started by Manny Ramirez’ laser shot double into the left-center gap that chased home Matt Kemp and the Dodgers held a 1-0 lead in the 1st inning that they would never relinquish. Manny went on to post a 3 hit day that included another double and a total of 2 RBIs.

mannyrib.jpgBut it was Ethier that ignited the Dodgers.

andrehr.jpgHe laced a towering Home Run to Right field in the 3rd that gave Vicente Padilla the padding he needed and the Dodgers never looked back. Andre concluded his Saturday onslaught by posting a double and a triple, falling a single shy of riding the cycle in the Post Season. A rare feat.

“I am just going up there and staying in the moment,” Ethier said. “I was looking for one pitch and I put a good swing on it.”



Congratulations Andre Ethier – You are Yesterday’s Hitter!



  1. Buz

    Matt, You’re right.. I think he hit like .. .500 for the series. He was banging the ball on every at bat.

    Lisa, one of the video highlights on was an interview with Joe Torre. It was a special thing to watch and listen to. You should look for it in the Highlights.

    Emma and Cat.. I’m hoping we end up playing the Rockies. We had a good record against them.. and those darn Phils knocked us out last year. ; )

  2. heartruss

    Thanks Buz
    As you know I was eagerly awaiting your hitter of the day! Andre is also one of the all time nice guys as well. He is one of the Dodgers who spends a few minutes before each game signing for the fans. Success has not spoiled him. He was one of the players who sprayed me with champagne on the day they clinched the NLDS West. He really deserves your designation “Hitter of the Day.”

  3. Buz

    Jeff.. If they win it all. You can always say you got knocked out by the best team of the year… ala Dodgers last year. ; )

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