telling story dyoung.jpg“This is the most unbelievable game I’ve ever played… or seen!” That’s a quote from Orlando Cabrera. The same Orlando Cabrera that went to the World Series with the Angels . .and then again with the Red Sox.. .and THAT game last night is the most unbelievable game he’s ever been involved in! How cool is that? What a way to open up the Post Season. It was Storybook.

So, who is Yesterday’s Hitter?

miguel bomb.jpgIt could have been Miguel Cabrera. Despite his off the field travails, Miguel swung the bat yesterday. He roped a double his first time up and rocked one out of site his second trip. His blast made it 3-0 Tigers and it looked for all the world that the game was done. The air was
mguel trot.jpghissing out of the Metrodome as though it had sprung a leak. A deflated crowd watched and wondered.

But.. back came the Twins. Why does it always seem like the great games never really start building the drama until the 6th? It’s almost as though the first 5 innings are nothing more than foreplay. The Twins scratched out a run to get closer. Then it was Orlando time. His streaking missile to left field gave the Twins an unfathomable 4-3 lead in the 7th. A Two Run Home Run that looked for all the world to be a game winner! The Hankies were back.. the air was back.. the Dome was rocking! The Twins were flying high!

cabrera 7thinning.jpgBack came the Tigers on yet another YH candidate – Magglio Ordonez. Mags had already
Mag Hr.jpgdriven in one run on a frozen rope to center field. He decided to add some more drama to an astounding game with his Solo Home Run to tie the game! Magglio was clutch. The tension was mounting…. and the Dome was silenced again.


Mags.jpgWhat happened in the next couple of innings was nothing short of amazing.

Jim Leyland “Both teams played their hearts out. You can’t ask for anything more than that.”

Tension, base runners, fabulous defensive plays. Unrealistic escapes. Pitching. Tension. Drama. It was a storybook script.

It looked over in the 9th.. until somehow Nathan got a magical double play.

nathan 9th 2play.jpgIt looked like it was over in the 10th. In the top half Detroit scored the go ahead run and had runners on the corner with one out. How did the Twins escape that? They did.. .somehow and trailed by one going to the bottom half when Michael Cuddyer (YH?) hits a softee to left field where Ryan Raburn had been plugged in by Leyland for one reason.. defense. He muffed the play and lumbering Cuddyer sped (sic) around the bases for a triple. He scored to tie the game! The Hankies are back!! The Twins are on the verge of winning the Central in the 10th! Alexi Casilla standing at 3rd with one out. He’s the winning run. A rocket to left. Wouldn’t you know it.. storybook I tell ya.. the fella that just looked like the Goat for allowing Cuddyer to get to 3rd.. Ryan Raburn makes a tremendous catch and throw to nail Alexi by a fingernail at home plate!

alexi out.jpg
alexi out2.jpgIt’s over again in the 12th. The Tigers have loaded the bases with nobody out. Nobody out! It’s over. How did Bobby Keppel escape that? How… how … how? He did. To the bottom of the
alexic.jpg12th. The Twins are scratching.. they’re scraping.. they’re clawing at the Tigers.  Carlos Gomez.. .hit. Standing on 2nd.. who is it at the plate? A potential Goat that couldn’t score on a Sac fly from 3rd in the 10th. Alexi Casilla. You know how sensational the game is that it keeps giving you these dramatic feeds. Pressing your emotional buttons, whether you’re a fan watching it .. or a player in the midst of it. There is simply nothing like it in sports. And when Casilla singled..

and Gomez raced.. it had to end that way. It wouldn’t have been storybook any other way.

Gomez scores.jpg“I guess it’s fitting to say there was a loser in this game. But, it’s hard for me to believe there was a loser in this game.” – Jim Leyland

“No matter what we did, it seems like it wasn’t meant to be. This is the best game, by far, that I’ve ever played in… no matter the outcome.” – Brandon Inge

Email from Jim Mauer – “Best Game I’ve Ever Seen! Unreal!!!”


celbrate2.jpgWay to go Alexi Casilla…  You are Yesterday’s Hitter in one of the greatest games ever!!


  1. crzblue2

    Un-believa-ble!! What an incredible game! When I heard this morning O-Cab’s quote, I was also remembering that he has been in two W.S. and I just said “WOW!”
    Congrats to yesterday’s hitters! Can’t wait for today’s games! I love October!

  2. junojen

    Loved last night’s game only because my team was not in it. ha ha! Yeah, OC is the man. The Twins have a ton of momentum behind them.
    So – you’re a diehard Dodger fan, huh? Hope we have World Series games to talk about soon… Here’s to wishing and hoping!


  3. Buz

    Ted, Well.. there’s been alot of them that I would have to say beat this game. Many come to mind including Booney’s HR that beat the Red Sox and sent NY to the World Series. It was an Instant Classic though. It really was awesome.

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