610x.jpgI’ve got a bone to pick with the accountability of the Umpires. There should be some sort of discipline or fine… or both for poor quality outings of an Umpire in any game. Definitely in a Playoff Game!

I don’t know if there is a grading system in place.. but if so, It is a sad measuring system. Umpires like Randy Marsh should not be allowed to continue to smirk at players and the game with his pitiful excuse for calling balls and strikes. This guy is so bad it’s almost comical. It would be funny.. .the only problem is .. it’s costing the players a quality at bat.. and costing the fans a quality game.

How can he possibly not be held accountable for 6, 7 or more pitches a game that are clear Strikes… or clear Balls.. and he arbitrarily chooses to call the opposite. It may seem like a tiny little issue. But, to a hitter.. it’s huge! The difference between 2-0 and 1-1 for instance is gigantic to a hitter’s approach.

Inge Marsh.jpgI don’t want to just bang on Randy Marsh.. although.. he needs a real good eye doctor, lasik surgery.. or some eyeglasses. Ask Brandon Inge and the Tigers. The ball clearly hit Inge with the bases loaded. This is game changing. Ask any Detroit Tiger fan if it’s not. And correct me if I’m wrong.. but isn’t this the same guy that was behind the plate during the heated Angels vs. Red Sox game. Pretty sure it was.

scioump.jpgThe problem lies with MLB. They should not reward an umpire like Randy with a Playoff appearance. Period. He should be held accountable for his quality. If “Pitch Track” or video evidence clearly shows he is incorrect X% (choose a number).. he should be benched, suspended or fined. Not rewarded with a Playoff appearance so that he (not the players) ends up determining who the World Champion eventually is.

MLB is not the only one at fault here. How many games have you watched where an Umpire clearly misses a call.. .the replay confirms it.. and all of a sudden the broadcast crew, the replay director and everybody else.. hush hushes it and sweeps it under the rug. That is BS. If they guy is bad.. don’t hide him. He’s bad. Show it. Get him the heck out of there. Don’t give us the BS about.. oh, we have the advantage of slow motion replay.. .blah blah.

In the 1st Playoff game today between the Phils and the Rockies.. All three base umpires blew calls! All three of them! And the home plate umpire wasn’t too perfect himself.

Maybe in this particular game, those calls may not have affected the outcome. Then again,
Torrealba Ump.jpgthey may have… how are we to know. You had Torrealba SAFE at 3rd in the 1st Inning by a wide marging.. the Ump.. calls him OUT!

 You had Cliff Lee obviously OUT by a large margin at 2nd Base in the 3rd Inning.. he was called SAFE! Come on..

And to cap it off you had the 1st Base Umpire calling Jimmy Rollins OUT at First when he was clearly SAFE.. this in the 6th Inning.

Nothing ticks me off more than to be robbed of a great baseball game with these types of calls affecting the outcome. It should not happen. Some accountability has got to be put in place. If there is such a thing in place now.. it is poorly.. .very poorly monitored.

Stop messing up our games. Please.



  1. Buz

    The problem is Ted… some of these guys are just KNOWN for bad umping.. bat attitudes and on and on. I’m dead certain we’ll see some horrible call in the Yankees game.. hopefully it won’t ruin the game for guys like Derek Jeter who just hammered one out to tie the game!!

  2. Jane Heller

    We saw plenty of bad balls/strikes calls in the Yankees game. It’s one thing if the strike zone is consistent and both pitchers know what they’re getting. But when it’s not….Well, there were moments when CC should have been out of an inning. I like to think it all evens out in the end.


  3. Buz

    It was better in the Yankee game. Certain umps just seem to have such a “It’s my game. I’ll call anything I want to call” attitude. Those are the guys that ruin the game. That and the constant blown calls on the paths. Teams shouldn’t have to get 4 outs in an inning.

  4. Buz

    Jenn… Exactly my Point!!! Only the highest rated Umpires throughout the year should be in Playoffs. I don’t know if that system is in place… but if it is… Geeeeez.

    Jeff – I’m hearing you here. The game set a record for LOB!

  5. scpadsfan

    As an amateur umpire that has worked baseball games of various levels for about 30 years and have worked at the college level for the last 10, I believe umpires attitudes are no different than the players they officiate. Unfortunately from my perspective, it turns into open season on umpires whenever something goes wrong on a baseball diamond.

    Let me start you off with this thought from the perspective of an umpire. Why is it ok for an all star shortstop to boot 1 in 10 ground balls that he is expected to field during a game (if that many), but if an umpire misses one pitch of 300 in a single game he should be reprimanded, fined or fired?

    Now add the potential acts, like a ball hitting a shirt, balks, baserunning violations, etc., that happen prior to or following each pitch and you probably have 500 potential occurrances that could happen to one plate umpire in a single game. Five misses in 500 occurrances for a plate ump in a game and he is 99% accurate, which is significantly better than the fielding percentage of an all star shortstop fielding at a 90% success rate.

    Warts and all, MLB umpires are the best in the business. We tell our kids to get good grades because they have a microscopic chance to be one of 50 MLB players on a field, yet officiating those 50 players are a meer 4 officials during the regular season. Statistically, being a MLB umpire is an even tougher hill to climb than that of a MLB player.

  6. Buz

    … and your defensive position is acknowledged and appreciated. But when you watch a game with every umpire in the game making a mistake.. . it’s a little hard to accept.

  7. scpadsfan

    OK Buz, that fair/foul call at Yankee Stadium tonight was a huge miss on what should have been a relatively easy call

  8. Buz

    Wow. No Kidding. Mauer standing at 2nd instead of 1st (tip your hat to him for getting a single). As bad as the call was.. I would have to say Gardy blew it here. I Love Gardy… but, he should have PR for Joe. Two singles followed and Joe was clogging up the basepaths. I Love Joe too. Alot. But … Gardy missed this one. Torre would have done it. Girardi .. Did do it! Heck, LaSorda would have done it ; ) .. And I’ll bet you a Million my buddy Dick Williams would have! But.. if the call wasn’t missed we wouldn’t even have considered that Managerial decision.

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