Double Dip Sunday w/Extras

double sundae.jpgHoly Hit Makers! It was a Sunday Special in the Batter’s Box Yesterday. Two for One specials abounded. One of those days when you just can’t get enough of a good thing! Not to mention the bonus game we got as a result. I Love October! Everything cools down but the bats.

Let’s cheat and get to the Extras first. There were 5 Extra Inning games on Sunday to whet
PHoov.jpgthe appetite of Playoff fans. The Orioles got over the Jays in 11. The Nats won their 7th game in a row to close out the year! It took 15 innings, but they slipped past the Braves 2-1. The Phillies had to go 10 to nip the Fish 7-6 on the strength of a 1-1 game by Paul Hoover. It was a game winner though… and that counts! Way to go Paul.

the prince.jpgIn San Diego it was a big fly by Pablo Sandoval that ended things in their 10 inning contest. Pablo had 2 hits on the day, including that 10th inning Home Run as the Giants took down the Friars 4-3. In St. Louis, the Cards keep falling… this time in a 10 inning tilt that produced our first Double Dip. Prince Fielder had a field day going 3 for 5 with 2 huge Home Runs that knocked in 3 RBIs. It was #’s 45 and 46 on the year for Prince and the RBIs put him in a Major League tie with Ryan Howard @ 149 for the year! Wow. Great season Prince.

A couple of guys were perfect at the plate yesterday as
pagan.jpgwell. Josh Wilson was a perfect 3 for 3 for Seattle as the Mariners topped the Rangers 4-3. While Erick Aybar was also a perfect 3 for 3 in Oakland. Angel Pagan pulled off the perfecto in New York, going 4 for 4! Neither one of the three had much to show for their ab’s but.. you can’t smirk at perfection.

doug.jpgDoug Mientkiewicz
had a nice day in Los Angeles. In a rare opportunity, he picked up a nice 3 for 4 line and knocked in an RBI for LA. In Boston it was J.D. Drew picking up a few hits and a few more RBIs. JD had a 2 for 3 day with a Home Run, 2 RBIs and a couple of runs scored. He finished with 23 HRs, which seems like alot from a guy we didn’t hear much about all year long. Could he be a secret weapon?

rab.jpgSunday’s excitement didn’t come from any of those games, although I’m certain they were exciting to the fans that attended. It was the National scale where the spotlight was shining. Detroit opened one of the two highly anticipated games of the day. They did not disappoint. Needing a win to put pressure on the Twins, Ryan Raburn answered the call with a
mag.jpgDouble Dip of his own. Ryan was 3 for 4 with 2 Home Runs and 3 RBIs. He scored 3 times and also walked once in his big day at the dish. The Tigers won 5-3. Magglio Ordonez was no slouch, putting together a perfect 4 for 4 day that pulled in another big RBI.

kub.jpgOn the heels of that must win by the Tigers, the Twins opened up their must win game. Delmon Young continued his hot hitting to spark Minnesota. Young had another 2 RBIs on a 2 for 5 day. But it was Jason Kubel with a massive Double Dip that led the charge for the Twins. Kubel’s 3 for 4 day included 2 Home Runs that brought down 6 Ribs to make certain the Twins would host Game 163! Wow, Jason what a great game! But, the King of Double Dips out did ya.


1r2.jpgAlex Rodriguez! Are you kidding me? Talk about a Double Dip glutton. . . A-Rod entered the 6th inning with  28 HRs and 93 RBIs in his injury shortened season. The Yanks were being shutdown by Rays pitching, 2-0. Uh, that would change. With one swing of the bat, Alex produced HR #29 and RBIs 94,95 and 96 in giving the Yanks a 3-2 lead. Still in the 6th with 2 on and Tex at the plate, Alex smirked at the thought that he might get another helping of Ribs.. if he could only get to the dish. He did…. and he did! Alex hit a Grand Slam! His 30th HR and RBIs 97. 98. 99 & 100! Those numbers set an AL Record for RBIs in an inning and a Major League best 12th Straight Season with 30HRs and 100RBIs!! It’s the 13th time Alex has reached that mark.. Sensational job of Double Dipping.

5275.jpg Congratulations Alex, You Are Yesterday’s Hitter!!!

’09 Stats

Avg  HR  RBI  Runs
.286   30  100   78


  1. Buz

    Jane, No Kidding.. what an Outburst!

    Jenn, There’s been a few of those that occurred here in the last few games of the season. It has to feel good… : )

    Emma… Could be that Doug is going to be productive off the bench.. cuz it sure doesn’t seem to be Thome!

    Jeff, if so.. it was one helluva bow : )

    Cici.. Not yet. He will by the time his career is over though. If not, he’ll be right behind Manny. They are both trailing Lou Gehrig by 3 or 4. It is alot though!

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