Up Town


Up_Town.jpgAll of a sudden they think they can beat anybody in Pittsburgh these days. For a team that
Andy.jpgcouldn’t buy a win on the road all season long, the Pirates now have a 3 game road winning streak. Leading the way for the Buckos is Andy LaRoche. Fresh off his 5 hit game, Andy has continued to sparkle in the last week of 2009. He raked out 2 hits in 3 at bats, picked up a walk and knocked in 2 RBIs in the 3-1 win over the Reds.

Desmond.jpgThere was another 2-3 line that came out of Atlanta as the Nationals continue to play well in the final week. They’ve won 5 straight behind their young kids. Yesterday it was Ian Desmond in the spotlight again with his highly productive 2-3 day. Ian hit a Home Run, a Triple, picked up a Walk, knocked in 3 RBIs and scored twice in the Nationals win over the Braves.

It was a Grand day for Baltimore’s 1st Baseman Michael Aubrey. Aubrey clouted a Grand Slam in his 2-4 day that netted 6 Ribbies. He also had a 2 run blast and scored twice as the Orioles flew past the Blue Jays in Baltimore, 13-7. The Orioles are putting together a formidable hitting team in the AL East.

dyoung.jpgAnother Granny was produced in one of the biggest games of the day.. .heck, make that of the season. There is no room for error in Minnesota as they continue to chase down the Tigers. Delmon Young, fresh off his controversial beaning in Detroit, beaned one of his own in a huge Twins win over KC. Delmon was 2 for 4 with a Grand Slam and 5 RBIs, he also scored twice and pulled the Twins within ONE game of Detroit with 2 to play. It simply does not get any better than this. I know where I’ll be this afternoon! : ) Cy Younger Zac Greinke will be a huge obstacle to overcome. Can the Twins pull even?

In Philly where the Phightins have been given a clear path to the NL best record by the
maybin.jpgslumbering Dodgers, they were thwarted by Cameron Maybin’s big day at the dish. Maybin cracked 4 hits in 5 appearances. Not much on productivity for Cameron; 3 Runs and an RBI, but enough to send Philly to defeat as the Marllins took the W 7-2. Who will end up with the Home Field Advantage in the NL? The teams are rumblin’, bumblin’ and stumblin’ to the finish line. Nice game Cameron.

Jeff F.jpgSpeaking of bumblin’, the Mets have been sleep walking for weeks. Jeff Francoeur woke up and delivered a fine batting line on Friday. His 3 for 4 outing included a Home Run and 2 RBIs. He also crossed the plate twice as the Mets actually picked up a W in the Big Apple. Jeff added some padding to a decent 09 season. He now has 76 RBIs for the Metropolitans.

braunr.jpgIn St. Louis, another team that can vie for the Home Field Advantage was thwarted. The Cards were spanked by a team that couldn’t do anything right in Colorado. They made up for it in St. Lou! The top 3 in their lineup exploded; Craig Counsell, Ryan Braun and Felipe Lopez put on a hitting clinic against potential Cy Younger Adam Wainwright. Collectively these guys went 7 for 16 with 6 Runs and 7 RBIs between them. That type of production at the top of a lineup is a Manager’s delight. Nice game guys.

As good as that was, it was no where near as good as the two fellas from Arizona. The
byrnes.jpgDiamondbacks were coiling and uncoiling in Wrigley. Chris Young (4-4) and Eric Byrnes (4-5) bombarded the streets outside the stadium during batting practice and then again in the game itself. Byrnes had 2 Home Runs and 5 RBIs, scoring twice. Chris Young also Homered and smacked the little white ball all over the field. He only had 1 RBI, but he crossed the dish 4 times and also picked up a free pass in his perfect day at the plate.

There was perfection at it’s finest in the Big City of Tampa. And who was it that went Up Town? None other than BJ Upton!

BJ.jpgBJ was marvelous against the Yankees. He was a perfect 5 for 5 on the day, but that’s only half the story. For the first time in Tampa baseball history, a Ray rode the Cycle! BJ’s marvelous day included a Double, a Triple, 2 singles and a Big Fly to pull off the feat for the Rays. Tampa put a whoopin on the Bombers 13-4. What a game for BJ who has been sputtering for most of the season. He’s got something to hang his hat on now. Upton was Up Town in Tampa as Yesterday’s Hitter!

bj face.jpg





  1. juliasrants

    I just KNEW I’d find BJ here today! What an amazing game he had last night! Seeing how well the Rays played last night (or were the Yankees’ just that bad?) it still makes you wonder why they are not in the hunt at the end of the season. Thanks for your comments about my “11 Yankees list”. They did have much more interesting names back then didn’t they?


  2. indians

    No, the trades don’t look “right” right now, but we can’t judge them right now. More than half of those players are in the Minors. No one thought the Bartolo Colon deal was good at the beginning, but it turned out that we got 3 all stars in the deal. That is a once in a life time deal, but it is way, way to early to say the deal(s) is a bust before we even get to see the players at the Major League level. We don’t know right now, so i can’t judge. I can only hope that we got the deal right. We were not going to compete next season with or with out Victor & Lee (the others too) because our pitching is terrible. The front office has already said that they will not be active in free agency, and wont add payroll. We need a starter or two to even think about competing. (before and after the trades.) The team had or has debt.

  3. Buz

    Julia.. yes indeed he had the game of the season. And those names were just classic stuff. I love that old stuff. You’ll see lots of that here at season’s end : )

    Cleve.. you never know. They just might turn out ok next year.

    Babu and Lisa.. Oh I see you gritting… yes I do! : )

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