Tools of the Trade

celbrate.jpgShortly after the Rockies clinched the NL Wild Card, the deflated Braves bowed out with a wimper when Pete Orr singled in the tie breaking run for the Nationals. The Braves were
Pete.jpgexhausted from an all out run at the Rockies, but had no control over the other half of the equation; The Rockies had to lose and they simply didn’t.

The celebration in Colorado is not done as they still hold an outside chance of deflating another team, the LA Dodgers. If Colorado continues to play the calibre of baseball they”ve been displaying over the last few weeks, they will indeed capture the NL West flag. Yesterday they put on a hit parade and dumped the Brewers for the 6th time in 6 meetings this
Garret.jpgyear. Garret Atkins pummeled the ball in a 3 for 4 day that pulled in 3 RBIs. He also scored in the Rockies 9-2 clincher. Kudos to the Rockies for fending off a determined Atlanta Braves squad.

On the personal level, there is one player that is racking up stats toward the end of the year. Miguel Tejada continued his hot hitting streak of 18 games by pounding out 3RBIs on a Home Run and a 2 for 3 day at the plate. There’s hope that the team will contend for the Central in 2010.

Davis.jpgAnother Texas squad has high hopes as well. The Rangers pushed the Angels for most of the season before flopping at the end (mostly to the bottom feeding A’s). Still, with the new pitching philosophy and Maddux in charge of the arms… there is no shortage of bats in this lineup. Chris Davis is ending on a high note. He belted his 21st HR of the year and picked up 3 RBIs while going 3 for 5 in the Rangers 11-3 win over Anaheim.

In Boston it’s time to right the ship, vacation over. Jacoby Ellsbury is
Ells.jpgtreading above the .300 batting average mark and would like to post that for the season. He helped the Red Sox ease out of their funk with a 3-5 performance that brought him up to .301 on the year. The Red Sox, reeling from a 6 game tail spin, came out on top of the Indians 3-0. They’ll need to buck up in the playoffs.

Speaking of which, The Twins are still alive! They have an outside chance at catching the Tigers after managing a split in their 4 game set at Detroit. Orlando Cabrera, no stranger to the post season, came up big for the Twins on Thursday. He was 2 for 5 but those hits were huge producers as he picked up 3 RBIs and scored in the Twins 8-3 cruiser. It’s back to Minny where the Twins host the Royals and hope the Sox can damage the Tigers in Detroit.
orlando.jpg In San Francisco it was the Tim Lincecum show, with a cameo by HOF’er Randy Johnson.
torres.jpgBut at the dish it was a newcomer that has the Giant fans excited about 2010. Andres Torres is coming along just fine in Center Field. He’s got the tools. He’s got the speed and yesterday he had the bat. Torres racked up 3 RBIs and posted a 3 for 4 line that included a Home Run, a Triple and 3 runs scored. Nice day Andres, but wait til you see who took the crown…

Chris.jpgChris Carpenter
! The man with All the Tools. Normally happy with showing off his tools from the mound, Carpenter put on his tool belt at the plate and hammered out a Grand Slam! It was Chris’ first Homer of his entire career! He did it on the first pitch he saw. Not satisfied with his carpentry work, Chris stepped to the plate later in the game and drilled an RBI double down the chalk line to pick up 2 more Ribs! Wow. In one day Carpenter equaled his RBI output for his entire career up to that point… 6!

5771.jpgCongratulation Chris Carpenter, You are Yesterday’s Hitter!





  1. crzblue2

    That was unbelieveble what Carpenter did! Was he batting 8th?
    Hey Buz! you are quoted in the website with the following quote:
    “In Boston it’s time to right the ship, vacation over. They’ll need to buck up in the playoffs. — Yesterday’s Hitter!More from this MLBlog »
    MLBlogs »

  2. Buz

    Dillon, The Rockies seem to have a knack for making late season rushes which make for such great late Septembers. Then of course, go back … so many Dodger teams have been in the thick of those great finishes. Looks like we’re in for another.

    Ted.. I’ve noticed my friend. You’ve got your own charismatic pen! : )

  3. King_of_New_York

    I love watching pitchers hit and hitters pitch! Luckily, the Yankees have seen both this season, with Nick Swisher pitching during a blowout at the Rays, and Mariano Rivera walking to bring in a run with the bases loaded against Francisco Rodriguez. It is fun watching both pitchers, both bad hitters and good hitters, hit.

  4. Buz

    Nice. well. I guarantee most have done .. each during their rise to MLB rosters. !!
    What a game Chris had!! Once in a lifetime for a pitcher.. for sure!

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