Don’t Tread on Me!

dont tread.jpgIt’s the final week of the regular season and the excitement is still front burner for many teams. Of course, there are those that are now laid back and relaxed – think Yankees, Angels, Cardinals. But, for the rest of the league… it ain’t over!

I was all jazzed up to watch the Twins in Detroit. I popped the top, grabbed some peanuts.. pulled out my pen and paper. I was ready baby. Uh. No. Rain out. See ya tomorrow : (

But, there was another game that had some significant drama. Yes! It was Hotlanta taking on
5164.jpg the Marlins. Not much of a contest. This Jurrjens kid completely outmatched Sanchez on the mound. Jurrjens 9-1 against the NL East .. are you kidding? Wow. He didn’t need much support from the hitters… and you know what? He didn’t get much. Chipper Jones had a Home Run and a couple of walks and Jurrjens did the rest. The Braves are now 2 games back in the Wild Card!

maicer.jpgThe Angels went into relaxation mode about half way through their 11-0 drubbing of the Rangers. The usual suspects were responsible for the run production; Morales, Guerrero and Abreu. But little Maizer Izturis had the best line. He went 3-4 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs in the Pennant clinching win for the Halos. Congrats guys.. take the week off : )

Did I say take the week off? The Yankees will likely do just that with the last place Royals in
robby.jpgtown. Girardi sat nearly the entire starting lineup on the bench and they still drubbed KC. Mostly behind “regular Joe”; Robinson Cano. Robinson crushed a Grand Slam that gave him 25 dingers on the year. Add that to the record books. That HR gave the Yankees a franchise best 5 players with 25+ HRs on the year. Geez… take a week off will ya.

Here’s a line I love; 1 for 1, 1 run, 3 RBIs. Whattaya think that means? Well, it’s our fave.. a PH dinger. Credit Willie Aybar for this one as the Rays decided to hand the O’s their 11th straight loss. It wasn’t easy being easy though.. Aybar needed his Pinch Hit magic in the 7th to tie it. Poor O’s.. take a few months off will ya?

beckh.jpgGordon Beckham. What a cool name that is. He looks like Roy Hobbs. The blessed boy from Georgia is making his mark in Chicago. He’s putting up solid numbers for the White Sox and yesterday threw in a 2 for 5 offering that netted him 3 more RBIs on the year. He could reach 70 ribs if he gets with it this last week and doesn’t take the week off ; ) .. that wouldn’t be too bad, 70 ribs.

Rod Barajas got his 70th and 71st rib yesterday. Barajas helped the Jays knock off the skidding Red Sox in Boston. Rod’s 2-4 day included his 19th HR of the year and those 3 RBIs got him over the 70 mark. Now, don’t sneeze at 70 RBIs. From a lower in the batting order player that is good production. He could really arbitrate if he hits that 20th dinger! Correct me if I’m wrong, but those people in Boston don’t look too darn happy… do they?

rod.jpgIf you’re a youngster playing at this time of the year, you just want to show the parent club
7562.jpg you have something to offer them. There’s a kid in Washington making just that statement. He is most definitely NOT taking the week off. Mike Morse belted a Home Run for the third straight game as the Nationals put down the Mets 2-1. Mike was 3 for 4 in the game. Could he be a piece of the puzzle the Nationals need to compete? Maybe.

All those semi good days for hitters make it obvious who takes the Yesterday’s Hitter prize. The first game of the day produced him:


andylar.jpgAndy LaRoche had a little Pirate swagger to his walk when he stepped up in the first inning and greeted Kuroda with the Pirates’ 2nd straight hit to open the game. But, Andy’s swagger never wavered throughout the game. He proceeded to follow that single with 4 more hits. Check that… 4 huge hits. 2 Doubles and 2 Home Runs! Andy’s 5 hit day was a first for him, as was the multi HR game. He did all that on the heels of the Dodgers hoping to pop some bubbly in the Pirate visitor’s dugout. Say Andy and the Pirates – “Don’t Tread on Me!”

Congratulations Andy, You’re Yesterday’s Hitter!

7928.jpg’09 Stats

Avg HR RBI Runs
.259  12  61  63



  1. crzblue2

    Congratulations to Andy! I wish you great success but not against my Dodgers!
    Yes, those Red Sox fans don’t look happy. Great shot!
    With Vin Scully at the mike, Dodgers will clinch tonight! Tonight is the perfect night!

  2. omniality

    Combined with the other half of the Flying LaRoche brothers being traded earlier this year, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if 5-for-5 Andy got shipped off in 2010.

    May he inexplicably get shipped to Atlanta, where the duo can be reunited, and Larry Jones can be removed from my sight.

    –Paul V.

  3. Buz

    Jeff.. you mean two months before the trade deadline? Oh wait. they’re prob out of trade bait.

    Jane & Emma, I’m crossin my fingers, legs and everything else that they can put this thing to rest. .. and take a week off : )

    Paul.. I’m purty sure you’re stuck with Larry until HE decides to leave Atlanta.

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Thanks for the coming to my blog, and I like the recent mentions of Lind and Barajas.

    Barajas has been fine this season, and for a catcher, nearing on 20 HR’s/70 RBI is great. I’d just like to see his On Base climb a bit higher. .262 is a very low number in that regard.

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