Hit ’em Where They Ain’t!

chart.gifThe Mantra of Wee Willie Keeler was in the full spotlight around the ballparks on Saturday! Did Anybody NOT hit it where they weren’t? What a list of spectacular hitting lines in every box score.

tracy.jpgLets start with a guy that was 0 for his last 18. Chad Tracy has been so bad that he wasn’t even in the lineup on Saturday until the 7th inning. Stepping up as a Pinch Hitter and the bags full of Snakes, Chad blasted a Grand Slam! Now, that’s how you get off the snide. Chad’s hit merely wet the appetite for the Saturday bombardment. Not a good day to be a pitcher. Unless, you’re C. C. Sabathia!

Jim Thome chipped in as well, getting his first RBIs as a Dodger with a
thome.jpg pinch hit single that scored two. With that, the Dodgers clinched a Playoff Berth. Congrats to Joe Torre who visits the post season for the 14th consecutive year! Only Bobby Cox has equaled that.

What about that future dynamic duo in Cincy? Jeff (RedState/BlueState) must have sent out a message to the Votto/Bruce tandem with his comment yesterday. They delivered in spades! Votto had a 3 for 4 day and Jay Bruce followed him with a 2 for 3, 3 RBI, 3 Run performance including his 20th Home Run.


And, as long as we’re on teammate production – The Oakland A’s bombarded the Halos in Anaheim. Adam Kennedy, Kurt Suzuki, Jack Cust and Daric Barton had a full out barrage of hits in a comeback from 7 runs back. Their collective hitting line? 20 AB’s – 13 hits – 11 RBIs! Holy Hit Monster! The A’s charged back to crush the Angels 15-10. Watch out for this A’s team if the last week or so is any indication.

More tandem attacks in Tampa where the Texas Rangers unleashed a volly on the Rays pitching staff. The duo of Marlon Byrd and Josh Hamilton didn’t mess with the small stuff. Instead they went for the big producers. Byrd’s 2 hits flew the yard and netted him 5 RBIs, while Josh simply racked up the Ribs. Hamilton picked up 4 Ribs of his own as the Rangers put a stomp on Tampa in their own yard, 15-3.
j hamilton.jpgRyan Braun probably watched the league scoreboard light up like a pinball machine and said

Thumbnail image for R Braun.jpg “Hey, I like pinball, especially the multi ball game!” And so he proceeded to blast out his 30th Home Run of the season! Ryan picked up 3 RBIs (106) in his 3 for 5 attack that raised his average to an impressive .314! Nice season Ryan.

A Lind.jpgAnother guy I really like – Adam Lind. He’s having a super season up in Toronto. In a game that featured a first for Ichiro, Adam did something he’s used to for the 31st and 32nd time this year. Lind powered out two blasts that gave him 3 RBIs in his 3 for 4 day. Adam is also batting over .300 with those 32HRs and 109 RBIs. Great production. I really like this guy’s swing.

In Colorado it was another Pinch Hit producer that clinched the Cardinals NL Central crown. Ryan Ludwick sealed the Cardinal’s post season fate by cracking a PH 2 run Bomb in the 9th. Ryan’s 22nd HR of the year! He is also closing in on the 100 RBI plateau (92). Nice Ryan. That loss was not nice to the Rockies who are suddenly being pestered by the hottest team in the Majors, those Atlanta Braves.

Atlanta has won 13 of their last 15 contests and they’re doing it from up and down the lineup. Saturday was no different as they visited Washington. Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Adam LaRoche and Yuniel Escobar all had a pair of hits. But it was Escobar’s that produced the numbers you like – Runs and RBIs! Yuniel’s 2 for 5 day netted him 3 RBIs and a pair of runs as the Braves got within 2 1/2 games of Colorado!

Yunel Escobar.jpgWhew! All that and we’re still not done. In fact these last two guys were so impressive it was difficult to choose on Yesterday’s Hitter!

The Tigers were getting their tails whipped in Chicago 5-0 before they decided to play a little pinball themselves. Granderson 3 Hits, Polanco 3 Hits, Laird 3 Hits, geeez. Between them they scored 7 Runs and batted in another 9! Pinball Wizard! There has to be a twist. Pinball Wizard…. oh, that would be Miguel Cabrera. He’s got such a subtle wrist! Miguel rapped out 4 for 5 day with 4 RBIs to lead the comeback and keep the Tigers above those pesky Twins. Miguel now has the 100 RBI mark along with 32 Home Runs. Crazy I tell ya.

mcabrera.jpgNot as crazy as Denard Span. Span spanked the ball all over the baseball field on Saturday! He put up a 4 hit day for himself and collected 6 RBIs … .from the leadoff spot! Wow. Denard had a bases clearing triple to break a tie game wide open. Those 6 Ribs were a career best for Denard. Way to go Spanny. The Twins won a no-doubter in KC 11-6 and kept the pressure on Detroit and are still just 2 games back! 

dspan.jpgCongratulations Denard Span, You are Yesterday’s Hitter!

’09 Stats


Avg HR RBI Runs
.307   8  60   87







  1. redsoxmelissa

    I got to see Adam Lind play this year at Fenway. I have to say, he’s a pretty good hitter. Though, the game I saw him in, the our pitcher, Wakefield, only gave up one hit, to former Red Sox 1B Kevin Millar, so I haven’t seen him hit live.


  2. Buz

    Melissa… Aaron Hill and Lind have been off the charts this year for Toronto. I can only say that my view of his swing has been strictly video. .. But!!!! If he ever gets sent down.. chuckle .. chuckle.. I’ll see it live since Jays AAA team is here in Vegas!

    Emma, you ‘ve missed 3 posts?? Helloooo!! It’s Yesterday’s Hitter. Which means there’s like no break here. Chuckle. : )

    Jeff. No kidding.. they’re both within striking distance. The thing that’s cool is that Monday will actually have some sport meaning. Twins vs Tigers is on my A list! : )

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