Welcome Back Kid!

Funny what a weekend series can do. It can either douse the flames or fan them when you’re this late in the season. For most teams that had an outside chance going into the weekend… they’ve been doused. Like San Fran, Florida and Atlanta unable to really make up any ground on the Rockies thanks to the resurgence of this guy…

Jason Giambi continues to produce for the Rockies! He put up another bomb while posting a 2-4 2RBI line. This guy has just been slobberknockin’ the ball.You can pretty much figure the NL Wild Card is won. And, since I don’t see the Rockies giving in.. their 3 game set @ Dodger Stadium to end the season could be really exciting. Won’t that be fun?

Then there’s the team that could’ve really busted through… and instead settled for a small dent. But, don’t think the Twins aren’t happy after nearly pulling off a sweep against the front running Tigers. Had it not been for Placido Polanco, the lead might have been but 1.. instead of 3. Polanco had a terrific series in Minnesota. His 2-4 3RBI game lifted his series totals to 6 for 11. He’s hitting at a .365 clip this year against the Twins. Nice.


As for the Rangers… you can probably stick a fork in them too. With the tag team of Gary Mattews, Jr. and Howie Kendrick swatting the ball all over the state of Texas, the Rangers chances are fading like a Texas sunset. Kendrick though, is smoking hot; His 3-5 5RBI day included a big fly, his 10th of the year. Mattews is creeping out of his September swoon which is probably not good news for the rest of the League. Gary posted a nice line of 2-3 3RBIs and a HR.

There’s another guy that’s heating up as the weather cools..

After not hitting a dong in over 176 at bats.. Jacoby Ellsbury has gone deep twice in the last few games. He was real close to riding the cycle needing only a triple to fill out his 3-4 3RBI performance. He also had a walk, a stolen base and two runs scored. Geeez, Dude. Lighten up. : ) As good as that was it’s time to Welcome Back an old face who looked like The Kid again last night at the dish.


Ken Griffey, Jr. put a beat down on Joba Chamberlain’s offerings, belting an RBI double in the 1st that jumped off his bat like days gone by. Then to be certain Joba knew who The Kid was… he crushed a 3 Run bomb in the 2nd inning that went waaaaay high and way far. Griffey’s 627th big fly of his career! Wow. Welcome Back Kid. You’re Yesterday’s Hitter!

          Ken Griffey Jr.

          Ken Griffey Jr. #24 

          Avg HR RBI Runs
          .219  16  50   40







  1. phillies_phollowers

    Hey…to answer your photo question, when you insert a photo, you will see at the bottom of the dialogue box a space to enter pixel size and wrap choices….pick either none, right, left or center and it will wrap the text accordingly. “none” is the default, which is what you have now…pick left or right and it should work :O)


  2. devilabrit

    Rockies probably have the Wild Card all wrapped up now, but for a late unexpected surge by 1 of the 3 trailing teams, but doubtful now… the only team with a fight is probably the Tigers, as you say, if not for Polanco, they maybe in 2nd place now… it’s good to see how everyone see’s the final days paning out…
    Outside the Phillies looking In

  3. Buz

    I’m watching the Daniel Hudson kid now. Stud. Went from Single A to AA to AAA to Show…. all this year! Wow. How many pitchers do you think have done that? Even though, the Twinkies are putting him through the ringer the first two innings.
    .. Thanks for the post.

  4. thepitchersduel

    I havn’t a clue as to who Daniel Hudson is, which i don’t like, i like knowing players. As for Derek Lowe, I really expected him to be better than he has been, I think he’s a better pitcher than that, all in all, he’s still had a very nice season for the braves who have an incredibly good pitching staff


  5. aducker

    Now if only the Dodgers can have as much success with Jim Thome as the Rockies are having with Jason Giambi. But I guess with all the luck the Dodgers are having with their other late season acquisitions one of them is bound to flop…

  6. Kaybee

    Not sure how the NL West is going to shape up…I think the Dodgers are definitely going to win the division, but the Wild Card still might be reachable for the Giants. The Rockies are going to have to deal with the Padres and the 40 degree weather for the next three days. Then the Dodgers will have to deal with the Padres next week. I think things will stay pretty interesting until the last minute.

  7. Joe Kotsovos

    Joba doesn’t understand that batting averages go way up when the count is 2-0, 3-1. Griffey’s bat has looked slow this year and even he touched him up.

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