Tyrannosaurus Tex

The players are feasting like monsters at the dish as the game intensity rises. They’re taking huge helpings of Ribeyes with every swing of the bat. Take Ronnie Belliard for instance. First inning, bases loaded… Grand Salami and 4 huge Ribeyes in a single trip to the dish.

Follow that with Jason Giambi’s lone appearance at the dish and a smashing 3 Ribeye helping on a Pinch Hit Tater to right field. What a Giambi Monster he is becoming. He even broke out the old school Bash Brothers forearm smash. 


The Rockies used those two Monster helpings to gain an all important game on the Giants.

Talk about feasting on one dish.. Ross Gload is the all time Glob Monster. He has 19 Pinch Hits and 15 PH RBIs this season! Both Florida Marlins records. Gload… Gload… Gload. His PH bomb yesterday gave him 2 Ribs and kept the Marlins at 4 back of Giambi Monster’s Rocks.

Staying as close as possible, the Braves won their 8th of the last 10 to keep within 4 1/2 in the Wild Card. Adam LaRoche nearly had himself a Vin Scully line to lead the Braves attack. His 2-2 day netted a couple of Ribs and one helping each of a run and a walk. Way to go Adam.

Want to talk about some real hogs at the dish? How about the 4 thru 7 hitters for the Chicago White Sox? Awfully hungry fellas trying to keep the blinded Tigers in their sights. Paul Konerko, Alexei Ramirez, Jermaine Dye and Carlos Quentin were a collective 8 for 14 with 8 runs and 10 huge Ribbys. Come on guys… share! Gload…. Gload… Gload! 

Kurt Suzuki and James Loney both had nearly identical games. Suzuki – 3 for 4, 3 Runs, HR and 1 RBI. He just missed hitting for the cycle. Loney – 3 for 4, 3 Runs HR and 2 RBIs. James finally hit his first HR at Dodger Stadium this season… get that Tater! Good Job guys but no fruit cup for you.

In a pretty meaningless game in St. Louis a small monster got tiny portions a little at a time and filled up his dessert dish with a Game Winner!

Brendan Ryan. His bouncing homer in the 5th made it 1-0 and looked like it was enough to win it. But, the Cubs bounced back with a single digit of their own to tie the game. Then, in a house where Monster Mac used to feast… Brendan Ryan took one more small helping and walked off with the dish!

Great game Ryan, but you just can’t compete with the monsters that were on the West Coast on Saturday. In a game that featured Godzilla and Ichiro Monster it was Tyrannosaurus Tex that chewed up and spit out Safeco Field.


Mark Teixeira just pummeled Mariner pitching, collecting 5 monstrous Ribs and 2 Big Taters to fill his 4 for 5 plate. Talk about a Monster. Tyrannosaurus Tex feasted from both sides of the dish for his Taters. Gload Gload Gload! He fell a double shy of riding the cycle. Talk about a funny sight… Tyrannosaurus Tex on a bike!

Congratulations Mark Teixeira. You’re Yesterday’s Hitter!

Mark Teixeira

’09 Stats

Avg  HR  RBI  Runs
.289  37  118   96    


  1. redsoxmelissa

    Really, your buddy drafted Ellsbury? That’s really cool! I think Jacoby is one of the best young players in the MLB today. Your buddy made a great choice! 🙂
    P.S. I’ll think that picture is a picture of Mark, just because I don’t really like the Yankees.

  2. Buz

    Yea. He is awesome… Jacoby. I would kid my buddy John Booher.. not exactly a “diamond in the rough” .. in his District.. and Alllll Overrrrrr the Map! : )
    He is a stud.

  3. Buz

    Ted & Cici.. I was thinkin of doing a ‘Monsters @ the Plate!’ instead of .. Yesteday’s Hitter… what do you guys think? .. you know… keep the same theme throughout???????

  4. Buz

    Cat, since I’m obviously a Dodger fan.. it’s gonna have to so clear cut to name one of our guys : ) But.. it’ll come!

    Jenn, Yea. I think that win was about it for the Braves. Stick a fork in ’em. They’re done!

    Jeff, Can you believe he roped another one last night? Giambi Monster!

  5. crzblue2

    Love your post! Moster Mac! LOL. You should have seen us all around in my section when Loney hit it out! All of us are doing the #1 sign for Loney then High-fiving! Finally he got that one out of the way! Vin made a mistake at the beginning of the broadcast saying “all 13 on the road.” but then on another inning he said “I am sorry James.”. ahh…We love you VIn!!
    Beliard has been incredible!

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