Minnesota Mauler

Geez, it seems like whenever we highlight somebody here at MLBlogs they tend to go on a tear for a few days. Like Matt Wieters. Wow! One of many game winners yesterday that continue to build the excitement toward the certain drama we’ll see in the post season.  

Matt gets a little taste of the walk off mania.

Speaking of walk offs. How about the controversy in Fenway? The topsy turvy game in Boston looked good, then bad, then good, then bad.. no matter which team you were rooting for. Scioscia and his boys were crying spilled milk over the balls and strikes and neglected to get the outs they needed. Result? Alex Gonzalez hits the little game winning blooper in the bottom of the 9th. On paper Alex might be a consideration for YH. I mean, the line looks good; 2-3 3RBI and a walk off hit. But, when you see the hit.. you’re like.. nawww! : )


See what I mean.. that’s kinda ugly.. but, then again.. sure was pretty : )

Across the way in the AL East the Yankees were dealing with the loss of their Field General; Jorge Posada. No worries guys. Completely shut down on offense for 7 innings, the Bronx Boys came roaring back on Hideki Matsui’s 2 run bomb to tie it and “Posada Replacement” Francisco Cervelli’s game winning hit in the 9th!

He doesn’t look too excited does he? You’d think he was just named YH or something ; )

Naww Frankie.. ya gotta do more than that. I mean Everth Cabrera basically did the same as you and he had  3 times your hits, going 3 for 6 to your 1 for 1. He also ruined the slim chance that Justin Upton’s perfect game (5 for 5) might get him in the mix. Unfortunately, Justin’s 5 hit game produced exactly One Rib. Slim Pickings and probably how he stays so thin. Beef up boy!

Did I say perfect? I love perfect lines for hitters. Two more for you. Joey Votto had the proverbial Vin Scully line. 2-2, 2walks, 2 runs (including the game winner). Again, pretty thin on production. Good game though. Sad thing is almost nobody’s watching : (

On a bigger stage, in fact THE biggest crowd in daytime history at Dodger Stadium, it was Manny’s Bobblehead Day. Trouble was Manny and a host of regulars took the day off. Not Ronnie Belliard who jumped (that’s his jump… chuckle) at the opportunity and proved he is a top calibre pick up for LA. Ronnie was responsible, in one way or another, for each run the Dodgers scored. He was 3-3 with 1RBI and 2 runs scored in the 3-1 LA win, keeping them 5 games above the Rockies.

Which takes us to the front runners in yesterday’s action.

Cody Ross put together a big game to keep the Marlins in the hunt for at least the weekend. Cody’s 3-4 2RBI day extended his hitting streak to 11 games. The Best in the NL.

With the Giants finally falling, the Marlins are now only one game back of 2nd in the Wild Card. Good news for Florida; they play the Reds. Giants play LA. Bad news for Florida; Rockies play the D-Backs. Could be over this weekend.

One team that is definitely still in it… and chomping at the bit for this coming weekend’s action… the Minnesota Twins. They are on a 6 game roll and have Detroit coming to town on Friday!


Michael Cuddyer was a big part of the win yesterday that kept the fires stoked for the Twinkies. Tasked with replacing the offensive firepower normally provided by Justin Morneau, Cuddyer came through with a very productive 3-4 day that included his 26th HR and 3RBIs. He also scored twice as the Twins rolled along 7-3. Will they keep up the suspense this weekend?  Let’s hope so.

Yesterday’s Hitter – Michael Cuddyer

     Michael Cuddyer ’09 Statistics

                               Avg   HR  RBI  Runs
                               .274   26   78   79


  1. Buz

    I know.. the heart thing. Mine would have been for Ethier on his fabulous moment… just gotta give props where props are due : ) I look forward to the Tigers/Twins as a baseball fan. Don’t much care for either of the teams.

  2. crzblue2

    Walk-off mania is right.
    //He doesn’t look too excited does he? You’d think he was just named YH or something ; )// LOL. You are funny!
    At least we had a current and an Ex Dodger in the honorable mention list.
    Congratulations to Michael Cuddyer for being YH!

    My latest post is all about Ethier and I mention you.

  3. TribeTed

    Its good that Wieters is “finally living up to potential.”

    I know he has been struggling in the majors,

    and I wish him the best.

    and as I keep saying “this blog keeps getting better and better.”

    Well this is true for this post, … loved it Buz!!

    True craftsmanship 😉

    Yesterday’s hitter is a great name to draw attention in,

    great idea!!

    and Michael Cuddyer is having one of the best years of his career,

    and I wish him well!!

    Ted’s Take


  4. Buz

    Emma, You’re Kidding? I love Andre… what a steal! We got him for a toy (Milton Bradley) .. I’m heading over to check yours out right now!

    Ted – I think Michael Cuddyer is going to make a big impact this weekend against Detroit. I just think he knows his place right now and he’s set to inflict some damage.

    Jeff – I think Wieters really will excel. He’s been up for what.. 2 months? Those are very good numbers.. both sides of the plate.. what a treat for a Manager. Big kid too.. bet he ends up at first base.

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