Adam’s Delight

Fire it Up! There’s a couple of teams that have definitely decided that the ’09 season is NOT over.. at least in their minds. Take the Twins for example:

 They puttered away several chances as the Tigers took a siesta, failing to gain much ground while Detroit went on a 5 game skid. Well, don’t look now but the Twinkies have racked up 3 games in a row and are sniffing at the tail of the Tigers. Nick Punto provided the spark going 3 for 4 with a couple of ribeyes. They still trail Detroit by 4 1/2 games with only 17 to play. But, here’s the kicker… 7 of those are head to head. Who’s got the most fight in them down the stretch? My money’s on the Twins.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s looking like the Rangers have packed it in. They were so close and really had a shot at both the Wild Card and the AL West.. but… no. Last night they got drubbed again by the last place A’s behind Rajai Davis. This is happening in TEXAS. Not good for Rangers fans.

Oakland Athletics' Rajai Davis follows through on an infield single to second off a pitch from Texas Rangers' C.J. Wilson in the eighth inning of a baseball game in Arlington, Texas, Tuesday Sept. 15, 2009.Davis has been raking lately since his insertion as a regular player. He had a very complete hitters line on Tuesday – going 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs, a walk, a run scored and a steal to boot. Very nice Rajai, but you are a long way from YH. : )

Speaking of firing it up. How about that Battle in the Bronx?


The Yankees may be 40 games over .500 but you’d never know it. This team plays with fire no matter what. Not good for the rest of the league. They had their heels cooled a little by Doc on the mound and Travis Snider at the dish.

Travis cracked two Home Runs yesterday and knocked in 3 RBIs as the Blue Jays made the Bronx faithful a little bluer on the way home. Nice job Travis. In a limited time he has put up 8HRs and 20 RBIs.. maybe this time he’ll stick with the parent club.  

Here’s a couple of guys that are no stranger to the Yesterday’s Hitter title. Big Papi and New Papi : )

                                     David Ortiz       Derrek Lee

David Ortiz became the all time leader in Home Runs as a Designated Hitter with his 270th smash in that role. He surpassed another Big fella.. Big Frank Thomas (who probably should still be playing somewhere). Does anybody recall the horrific start this guy had at the beginning of the year? Didn’t think so. Suddenly the Halos look a bit vulnerable to the East.

And the other Papi? Well, just pencil this guy in everyday for the rest of the year. What a roll he’s on. Derrek Lee went 2-2 yesterday and knocked in 3 RBIs to give him 101 for the season. He’s a pillar in the middle of the lineup.

From the old guard to the new… Remember all the hype that surrounded Matt Wieters’ call up? There have been some rumblings that maybe he just isn’t all that was expected. I respectfully disagree. I think the numbers he’s put up are pretty darn good; .272 6HR 32RBI Yesterday he was popping the ball all over the park as he posted a 3 for 5 night with a career high 5 RBIs. I really like his sweet swing, and he does it from both sides of the plate.

Next up are the real contenders. Who is this guy? I thought Jerry West was Mr. Clutch!

Andre Ethier3.jpgBut.. no, Andre the Giant is an absolute highlight reel this season. He has 6 Walk off game winners and 4 of those are Home Runs. Last night was no different. He smashed the very first pitch he saw in the 13th inning to give the Dodgers a much needed come from behind win over Pittsburgh. What a shot! What a shot in the arm for LA… they stretch out their lead over the slipping Rocks to 5 Games. Watch this bomb!

As great as that was there’s always something to say about perfection. The Braves have been perfect for the past 5 games and are one of those teams that have decided that ’09 is still the present and they are not giving up without a fight. Enter Adam LaRoche – Yesterday’s Hitter!


Adam LaRoche’s 2009 Stats

Avg   HR  RBI  Runs
.279   25  73  75


All Adam did was go a perfect 4 for 4 with 2 Home Runs and 3 RBIs on the night. If the Braves keep reeling off wins there could be a little more excitment in the Wild Card between 4 teams (add the Fish and the Braves) instead of just 2. A Bronx brawl if you will : )



  1. crzblue2

    I don’t get tired of watching those highlights from Andre! Now I don’t like the name Andre the Giant. The Giant killer maybe.
    Congrats to Adam LaRoche. I wish his brother Andy was doing better. I had such high hopes for him when he was in the Dodger minor league, but I am glad that with the Pirates he gets to play everyday. I still root for him and hope he does better in years to come.
    These posts are fun. Thanks!

  2. TribeTed


    loved the part where you said, “with a couple of ribeyes.”

    Totally true!! And Adam Laroche deserved it going 4 – 4 with 2 homers.

    What a great job, and what a great post.

    Andy his bro isn’t doing “so bad” in PIT Emma,

    but yeah he could be doing alot better, as the Pirates could be “alot better.”


    nice post, and again, you really showed me the greatness in this blog. Love it.

    Ted’s Take

  3. Buz

    You guys are so awesome. Thanks for coming by and keeping me motivated. Emma – it should actually say “Andre of the Giant Moments” – he’s crazy good. And Ted’s right.. I watched Andy yesterday. He’s not doing so bad in Pitt. His swing looks great.. the numbers will come.

    Jeff, I would be willing to bet there’s some folks in Texas that would have done anything to have that whole series cancelled. Talk about floundering. Have they even scored?

    Jenn, Don’t think the Phils have to worry..but somebody might.. the Braves and Twins are rolling.

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