Number 9!

Number 9…. Number 9…. Number 9….

 I was truly hoping that a player wearing #9 would have a spectacular day at the plate yesterday. That would have been a perfect capper on 09/09/09. But…. no dice. There were, however, a number of fabulous performances worthy of Yesterday’s Hitter.

Let’s start with the early game where a fellow wearing an upside down 9 (6) ; ) made quite a mark at the dish. Esteban German had a perfect 5 for 5 day for the Rangers as they stayed in step with the Red Sox in the AL Wild Card. Normally, this would have done the trick and we could have crowned him. Except for a Certain Fella…. and the fact that the Rangers won 10-0 and German really didn’t participate much in the feasting, scoring but once with an RBI. 

Next up… Kansas City’s doubles machine –                      

Billy Butler. He had a solid day and has been on a tear. His 3-5 day included a pair of Ribs and 3 more doubles to bring his total to 45 on the season! Normally… good enough. Except for this Certain Fella.

Of course, we could always pen in The King.

All Albert did yesterday was pop 2 more Home Runs to bring his league leading total to 47! As my TribeTed friend says.. just write him in.. everyday! I would.. except for this Certain Fella.

We can’t overlook what Seth Smith did in Colorado. It’s another amazing run for the Rockies behind the solid leadership of Jim Tracy, they’ve opened one gap in the NL Wild Card and closed the other… trailing the Blue Crew by a mere 2 1/2 games! Seth had the game winning single to knock in 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th! Magical stuff indeed. Well, there was this Certain Fella that kept Seth from the top.

Victor Martinez … he had a super important hit for the Red Sox in a game they had to win to fend off the Rangers. Martinez roped a Pinch Hit bases clearing double to give the Sox the win. Nope… not him.

This Certain Fella –

He had the hit of the day. Jorge Posada’s hit was so important, so immense, so incredible… so freakin’ fabulous, I literally jumped out of my chair and cheered. His Pinch Hit 3 Run Home Run was a thing of beauty. He battled and battled and battled and man, did he ever drive that fast ball on a line! It was a superb and very professional at bat. Why was it so important?

Because Yesterday’s Hitter can’t be annointed if his team loses. It’s just one of the criteria. It’s a team game with individual statistics. Your team simply has to win in order to receive the title of Yesterday’s Hitter. And so… without further ado… meet Yesterday’s Hitter:

With a classic Derek Jeter bunt in his first at bat followed by a booming double that cleared the Center Field wall and hopped into Monument Park (where he will be someday), Derek paved the way for a Historic moment in baseball. One more hit would tie him with the great Lou Gehrig. Another prototypical at bat from DJ (I call him this because he just keeps crankin out record hits!) produced an inside out shot down the right field line in the 7th and he climbed to the pulpit of Yankee lore. Watch Here!

You are watching one of the greatest hitters, and maybe … someday the all-time hit leader, in baseball history everytime DJ steps to the plate. He is a gracious and incredibly humble, extremely gifted man and I relish every moment I get to watch him play. I think it’s a wonderful thing that he actually did not break Lou’s mark last night. Because, with today being an idle day for the Yankees, Derek will have an opportunity to savor the flavor of his magnificent accomplishment… sitting atop Yankee History with The Iron Horse


Two fellows cut from the same mold. Now we know why DJ wears # 2  : )


  1. Jane Heller

    Great selection, Buz! I agree with all your points about Jeter. He’s been a pleasure to watch all these years. And it’s kind of nice that Yankee fans have a day to relish his accomplishment of tying the record. Hopefully, the pressure is off him now and he can enjoy it too.

  2. Buz

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go on an absolute tear after this Jane. He looked so relaxed afterward during the post game interview. He’s a class act.

    Buz –

  3. crzblue2

    All good choices, but yes, it had to go to Jetter yesterday. and like Jane, I am glad that he has an off day to savor it. I like the name for Albert “the King” but I like it more in Spanish “El Rey.” from the Mexican song. They played that song at Dodger Stadium last Saturday for the first time and my friend and I were singing it along with other fans at the stadium. It was Viva Los Dodgers day! Here is George Strait version:

    lol, how did I started talking about yesterday’s hitters to this song. Oh yeah, King Albert.
    congrats Jetter!

  4. Buz

    Julia, right you are on Lou. I just can’t argue.

    My friend Ted.. I came .. “this close” .. to including a video snipit on Ted Williams in the post… “this close” : )

  5. TribeTed


    Jeter is one of the greatest of all time. =)

    And for number nine’s sake – Ted Williams earns that honor.

    he is the “greatest hitter of all time” in my perspective.

    As he would go up to the plate every time with intentions of hitting the ball 500 feet.

    He actually made a hot and cold box to formulate where he thought he could hit pitches and where he thought he couldn’t. =)

    Great guy was he!!

    –Ted “TTW/T”

  6. Buz

    I am so in agreement. Like I said at the top of the comments to Jane Heller: He just might go on a tear. He’s had a day to soak in this amazing accomplishment. . put it in perspective and then concentrate on winning the pennant for his team. Because, that is probably how Lou Gehrig himself would approach this same accomplishment. Ok.. now, it’s time to Win!

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