Daniel Murphy – NY Mets

The NY Mets have squandered yet another year in the books and look to be on the sidelines in October. You can blame the injuries, sure. But the fact is EVERY team is hit with them throughout the season. It’s tough. A record of 62-75 is definitely a “wait til next year”. They likely would have lost another yesterday if it hadn’t been for Daniel Murphy in the lineup. Dan hit a triple, a HR and a single to fall just shy of riding the cycle enroute to a 3 for 4 day. Murphy knocked in every run for the Mets to give them a 4-2 win against the Cubs in their rubber match game. Watch Here!


Honorable Mention; Seth Smith, Miguel Tejada, Ichiro Suzuki




  1. TribeTed

    Great post Buz:

    I am glad that the Mets have something to be happy about!

    There whole season has been injury after injury after injury.

    And then the front office was getting torn apart.

    Great post.

    keep up the good blogging.

    Peace out:



  2. thepitchersduel

    I know what you mean about Hunter, he’s really been very solid for the Rangers, which i’m sure they didn’t expect. Padilla has been pretty good for LA since he’s gotten there, but not sure if they’ll be that quick to replace Kuroda, if he doesn’t improve before the postseason and Padilla is still pitching good then I think it’s Padilla’s job.


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