Derrek Lee – Cubs

Having missed the last two games while his wife gave birth to his second child, Derrek Lee was anxious to get to the ballpark and celebrate. Did he ever! Derrek had a big hit day in New York as the Cubs beat the NY Mets 5-3. Lee smashed two very long, very high bombs into the upper decks in a ballpark that isn’t very Homer Friendly. Speaking of HR’s, Derrek’s 6yr old daughter, Jada, is constantly requesting her big Papa to hit HR’s for her. Says Derrek “Man, now I’ve got to hit a Home Run for you AND Dylan. It’s going to be tough!” Well, he came through with flying colors in his first attempt at keeping his babies happy. What a great memory for him and a heckuva welcome to his new son! Here’s to you Dylan Lee! Watch his bombs Here!


Honorable Mention; Albert Pujols, Chad Pennington, Melvin Mora





  1. Buz

    You are exactly correct.. .what a hitting machine. The same could be said for Ichiro. Did you read the quote from A’s catcher Landon Powell on Ichiro? His comment; “He runs and then hits the ball. He’s the only guy in baseball that does that. It makes you wonder: ‘Are we all doing it wrong?’ ”

    If you look back in old films.. it’s very similar to the Babe Ruth crossover style. I sure love this game!

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