Ryan Ludwick – Cardinals

Much like the team in the Bronx, this team from the Busch is just as much of a powerhouse. Just as much of a machine. They won for the 10th time in the last 12 games stretching their lead to 11 1/2 in the NL Central. Ryan Ludwick was a masterful 5 for 5 at the plate on Friday. Every ball he hit was right on the sweet spot. He roped two doubles to left. He also knocked in 5 RBIs while hitting HRs #19 and 20 and bringing his RBI total to 86 for the season. You know, looking at this picture brings back memories of another powerful hitter from St. Louis. This pose is very much like that of Mark McGwire! Watch Ryan’s powerful outburst by clicking Here!


Honorable Mention: Bengie Molina (He did it again!), Jason Giambi (He did it again!)






  1. Buz

    I actually recall reading a comment from him that he was “hoping” the A’s would go young so he could go somewhere that has a little excitement. Looks like he got his wish!

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