Jason Giambi – Rockies

Oh My.. September, September.. it’s just a bit cooler in the air but NOT on the field OR in the clubhouse. The tensions are rising (just ask the Marlins), the passion is brewing, the job of hitting is getting harder. Suddenly the games are not nearly as fun as they are ferociously played, with each pitch. And so, the task of choosing Yesterday’s Hitter becomes that much more convoluted. I have a set criteria, sure.. but late in the season the dynamics of a Hitter’s role change.

Enter Jason Giambi. It’s been said that hitting a baseball is the hardest task in sports. Try upping the ante to Jason Giambi’s situation; a new team, called on to pinch hit in the 8th inning of a tie game, bases loaded… and oh yeah, you’re in the middle of a Wild Card race. What did Jason do? Stroked a perfect, game winning 2 RBI single to center field is all. Watch Here!

Honorable Mention; Pat Burrell, Evan Longoria, Wes Helms, A-Rod, Johnny Damon




  1. Buz

    Jason’s been through a heckuva lot. To his credit, he is well respected among his peers. Yesterday’s at bat was a prime reason why.. he does his job. He is a true professional. I was happy for him too : )

    How about Alex picking up his 2,500th!! Monumental the numbers he will post when all is said and done.

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