Josh Hamilton – Rangers

It was a tough decision for today’s pick as several players had big impacts in their team’s win. However, the combination of Josh Hamilton’s escape from his power failure and the very valuable ground Texas gained on both the Angels and the Red Sox was the deciding factor. After nearly coming out of a black hole the night before and losing to the Blue Jays, the Rangers took 2 in Texas. Josh Hamilton keyed the sweep by driving out 2 big HRs in game 2 of the Double Dip. Hamilton had gone 23 games and 99 at bats since his last HR. He powered a 435ft solo shot to break out of his home run slump. Click Here!


Honorable Mention; Jorge Posada, Todd Helton, Michale Cuddyer





  1. Jane Heller

    Hamilton was a great pick. Posada’s two homers last night were big too, but he also had a brain freeze in two at bats: one, where he didn’t realize he had taken ball four; the other, where he headed to the dugout on strike two. Hilarious!

  2. TribeTed


    Josh’s story coming back from the drugs:

    and drinking is amazing.

    I didn’t know until I read about it in an ESPN magazine:

    and was apolled.

    Sad, crazy, and hectic life – is what Hamilton has gone through.

    And to come to the majors: and perform this well

    with that much weight on your shoulders; unbearable.

    So why did he come back?

    He wanted to show everyone another side of him.

    And we all see it now; he is a great guy.

    I wish him luck in his career and the rest of the Rangers organization.

    Great post:

    Later —


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