Adam Lind – Jays

Somewhat hidden from the limelight in Toronto, Adam Lind has been shelling the ball just about the entire year. His hitting prowess vaulted him into the spot light last night as he nearly hit the cover off the ball. His 3 for 5 night netted 8 RBIs and included a Grand Salami and a Solo Shot, the 26th and 27th HRs for him this season. The 8 RBIs are the most in the Majors this season and 2nd most in Blue Jays history (Roy Howell had 9 in ’77). He now has 89 RBIs this year. Watch Adam’s awesome night by clicking Here Here!

Honorable Mention; Brandon Phillips, Nick Swisher, Carlos Pena




  1. Buz

    You are so right on Halladay. I truly think the trade talk ended up taking away his focus. But.. the cream always rises and I believe he’ll be a factor as the Jays make their run at Wild Card.

  2. TribeTed


    Lind has really shown he can hit this year:

    there was a ton of expectations at the beginning of the year —

    and he withcame all of them.

    In fact: he actually overcame all of them.

    he was better than expected:

    He showed all the non believers up — and showed the organization it was time to contend.

    I give the Jays 2012 when they take the division.

    I still hope they have Halladay by then:

    because if not — it might be a little hard to win the East.

    Pitching wins championships: and frankly the Blue Jays:

    only have Halladay. Rzepczynski is looking good tough too:

    As he has opened some eyes.

    Good post on Lind:

    He is having a great year!

    Happy September!!


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