David Ortiz – Red Sox

Say what you will about Oritiz’s struggles at the beginning of the year, after last night it’s looking more and more like Big Papi time. With newcomer Victor Martinez exhorting him with every at-bat, Ortiz came through with his first multi-homer game of the year. He hit a solo shot in the 2nd and capped it with a Walk Off liner to right that snuck inside the Pesky Pole. It marked the 10th time in his career Ortiz has ended a game with a Home Run. 9 of those have been with Boston, breaking the franchise record set by the great Jimmie Foxx! Watch the drama by clicking Here!!


 Honorable mention: Andre Ethier, Ryan Howard, Bengie Molina



    • Buz

      Emma, I am a crazy Dodger fan and really struggled with who should get the nod for Yesterday’s Hitter. Without question Andre had one fabulous game. When you start setting franchise records over the likes of Jimmie Foxx like Ortiz did last night with his walk off, ya have to kind of nod his way. ; )

      Andre will have his day. He’s had so many already this year.

      Buz – “Yesterday’s Hitter”

  1. crzblue2

    Yes Buz, I have to tip my hat to Papi and I hope Andre could approach those numbers. I never thought of Andre as a homerun hitter before up until this year. It must be that Tuna and peanut butter that he religiously eats.
    Thanks for your post Buz, firefighters have my most respect and admiration. Can you imagine up there in the mountains having to watch for snakes, bees, wild animals (that are also trying to get away from the fires) and the terrain while fighting the wild fires?

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